Silence is Golden……..

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They say Silence is golden, it speaks volumes

Silent is he who rejoices in his own silence

Unheard, unknown, uncalled

He is a man of few words and speaks softly when spoken

His beacon of light stretches across a million miles

A sparkling aura has he like the calmness of a frozen lake

Merging in the tranquility of peacefulness

Amidst the infinite sea of vastness

Intoxicated in his own soundless drunkenness

The heart stops singing its rhythmic beat

Listening to the solitude that is all pervading

The Soul begins to experience its original self…………………



37 thoughts on “Silence is Golden……..

    1. Silence is so golden, sometimes it can be pawned…. I love that witty pun which is funny and thought-provoking at the same time. Can we pawn intangible things? I guess we can. Silence can be exchange for a lot of beautiful things.

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