Pure Intentions…….

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Activating one’s Intention means rejoining to your Source and becoming a modern-day sorcerer. Intention is a power that’s present everywhere as a field of energy; it isn’t limited, it is all encompassing and when you activate it, you’ll begin to feel a sense of purpose in your life. As the title suggests,  I came across a poet and a spiritual teacher describing what I’m calling Intentions. These words are taken from Veda XVI by Sukla Yajur:

“O Lord, thou art on the sandbanks

As well as in the midst of the current;

I bow to thee.

Thou art in the little pebbles

As well as in the calm expanse of the sea;

I bow to thee.

O all-pervading Lord,

Thou art in the barren soil

And in the crowded places;

I bow to thee.”

As one makes a bow to this Power, recognize that you are bowing to Yourself.  The all-pervading energy of Intention pulses through you towards your potential for a simple meaningful life. This infinite invisible force is everywhere and is present in everything you see or touch.

As Carlos Castaneda explained, “The task of sorcerers was to face infinity and they plunged into it daily with Pure Intentions, as a fisherman plunges into the sea.”






30 thoughts on “Pure Intentions…….

  1. beautiful Vedic quote Kamal. Also amazing synchronicity…this morning I read in the I Ching about the only way to act correctly is to come from a place of innocence, in the sense of purity of intention. Astonishing how the same message comes twice in one day. Thanks for sharing wisdom!

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    1. Wow Tony what a coincidence maybe we were both thinking on the same lines. Thanks I really appreciated your comments too and so true if we come from a place of innocence then it is so beautiful and everyone seems to be ourselves. Thanks to you too Tony for sharing words of wisdom.

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      1. Yes absolutely and on the path nothing matters all this good and bad are in the illusionary world like how you kept your post yesterday. All r one Akhila this is all a time pass. Nothing matter. He is the only Reality. Have a nice day.

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