Spread Love, Give Love & Take Love……..

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I read a beautiful story written by Firdosi Tulsi who was a great Persian Poet and Writer, who penned pages and pages on Love and How to Spread Love, Give Love and Take Love. Love in any shape and form, is the finest “Give and Take” in existence: 

“There was this small village in Persia known as Yazd and the people mostly were humble farmers who tilled their fields. There was one family who were very simple and honest and they lived very frugally.  One day the lady of the house, saw three wise men arriving in front of her house and she was totally taken by surprise, as she was not knowing any of them.  For her they were complete strangers.

As soon as she saw them, she invited them to her house: “If you would be kind enough to come inside and have food”. One of the wise men replied, “Is your husband inside the house?” The lady said: “No, he has gone out to work”. The wise man said to her: “We will come inside the house only when your husband has come. Please do not worry, we will wait outside”. Even after much persuasion from her, they did not listen but waited for him to come home. 

In the evening the lady’s husband comes home and sees them sitting outside on their porch. He immediately goes and asks his wife who they are. She tells him in short and why they would not enter the house. Very kindly the husband tells her: “Go and tell them I have come home and invite them inside our house.”

At once she goes out to the porch and invites the wise men inside the house. One of the wise men says: “We all don’t go inside anyone’s house together.” “But why?” she asks much amazed. The first man one replied: “My name is WEALTH”. Then he pointed to the second and third men and said: “These two wise men  are PROSPERITY AND LOVE. Only one of us can come inside your house!” He further tells her: “You go in and discuss with your family and decide which amongst us you want to invite first” 

The lady went inside and told all this to her husband. He became too excited and said: “If this is the matter, then let us invite Wealth! Our house will be filled with lots of wealth and happiness”. But she tells him: “I feel we should invite prosperity too. It will bring us so much success and richness.”  

Their daughter who was in the next room was listening to all their discussions. She came out of her room and said to her parents: “I feel we should invite Love. Beside Love nothing is important. “You are right, we should invite Love only”, her parents too agreed.

The lady went out and asked the three wise men: “Between you all who is Love, please come inside the house”.  Love was so happy and overjoyed it started walking towards the house! The other two wise men started following Love. This surprised the lady and she asked them: “I only invited Love then why are you two coming inside the house?” One of the men replied: “If you had invited prosperity or wealth, then only that particular wise man would have entered your house. But you have invited Love! Love never walks alone. Wherever Love is, there is always prosperity and wealth. We all go hand in hand and we cannot work if one is absent from the other. If you like to stay with Love, Spread Love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving Happier, Give Love and Take Love, as Love is the only secret to Success and Happiness”. 

Love was so exuberant and in high spirits that the family had taken an intelligent decision and left contented and joyous with his two friends, Prosperity and Wealth. The family too were so happy that they had chosen Love……………………..


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