A True Friend……..


I hug you, embrace you to pieces

but I am not your family

I care for you, gently caress you

but I am not your life partner

I am ready to share your pain and sorrow

But I am not your blood relation

Then who am I, who is more precious to you 

I am your close companion you can’t resist

My soft voice is music to your ears

I am your one true friend

Who scolds you like a level-headed dad

Cherishes you like a sweet mom

Irritates the daylights out of you

Teases, makes you laugh to your wits end

Wherever I go, I carry this heart of joy

Loves you more than a lover could

A friend who will never leave you

So be in touch, keep me close and hold me dear

I simply love you the way you are………………

Warming People’s Hearts………


A beautiful story told by a humble, Jewish man of nearly 75 years, named Yankel, who owned a bakery in a small town in Wigan. He had survived the concentration camps during the Nazi regime and always felt very happy to narrate his story to anyone who met him. He would make someone or the other who came to his bakery listen to his story and said, ‘You know why it is that I’m alive today?’ and when the person would ask, ‘Pray tell me, Sir?’ Yankel  like a small child narrate his story:

‘I was a kid, just a teenager at the time when the Germans were killing us Jews by the dozens. We all were on the train being taken to Auschwitz, in Germany. There were thousands of us all shivering and starving. Night came and it was deathly cold in that box car. They would leave the cars on the side of the tracks overnight, sometimes for days on end without any food and no blankets to keep us warm,’ he said.

He further went on: ‘Sitting next to me was this beloved elderly Jewish man from my hometown. He was shivering from head to toe and looked terrible and dreadful. So I immediately went across to him, wrapped my arms around him to keep him warm and comfortable. I rubbed his arms, his legs, his face and his neck and begged him to hang on. I assured him not to worry at all and that everything would be fine and I am there to keep him company.  I suppose he did hear me, cause I could see from the gentle stare that he gave me but he was so scared of dying that he did not once speak but simply stared at the walls of the box car.

All night long, I kept the man warm in this way. I was also very tired and freezing cold myself. My fingers were numb, but I didn’t stop rubbing heat into that old man’s body. Hours and hours went by until finally, morning came and the sun began to shine. When there was some light in the box car, I looked around to see the other people. To my horror, all I could see were frozen bodies. All I could hear was deathly silence. Nobody else in that cabin made it through the night. They died from the biting-cold. Only two people survived that was the old man and me. The old man survived because somebody kept him warm and I survived because I was warming someone else’.

With a simple grin on his face Yankel said: ‘Can I tell you the secret to survival in this world? When you warm other people’s hearts, you remain warm yourself. When you seek to support, reassure and inspire others, then you discover support, encouragement and inspiration in your own life as well’.

That my friends, is the secret to life. Can we give warmth and few words of cheer to someone and receive hugs and love in return……….


Sometimes people come into your life not to love you, but to make you feel that you are worth loving and living for. Cherish that person for life.

Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows. Once a heart is broken it takes a tender soul to come and slowly mend it with love and hope.

Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free. Once you are victorious there is no looking back. Life is on a roll.

Sometimes we just need someone to show us something we can’t see for ourselves, then we change forever. A little push in the right direction bears fruit of a new challenge in life, a great step forward in the right direction.

Sometimes to accomplish something you need team work, you will not always win alone. Team spirit is the need of the hour. A team who works together can achieve anything they want. 

Sometimes learn how to be with someone who can make you laugh when you don’t even feel like smiling. A good laughter or a hilarious joke from that person can cheer you up. A smiling face moves mountains and makes your day a joyful ride.

Sometimes you just need to disconnect from everyone else and enjoy our own company. Go for a long siesta, a holiday or freak out with whoever makes you happy and full of laughter till you drop dead.

Sometimes we need someone to simply be there, not to fix anything or do anything in particular but just to let us feel we are supported and wanted. A feeling of warmth and well-being is so good for our personality.

Its not what we have in our Life, but WHO we have in our Life that matters.  Sweetest of relations are like pillows, when you are tired you relax on them, sad you drop tears on them, angry you punch them and when happy you hug them and such caring and loving people are always there for you and they never leave you…………

My Love………



I love my Love but, He loves me more

His fragrance drives me crazy

His ruffled hair makes me wild

I walk through the forests, I follow his footsteps

I walk along the shore; I hear Him in the waves

I feel the warm breeze, I feel His loving touch

I see the birds flying, He shows me freedom

His whispers of Love are so enchanting

Listening with my Heart, I feel Him within

He smiles and laughs so naughtily

Always by my side, never leaving me alone

I carry my Love with me all the time

I make Love to Him with my song

Dancing to the language of the Heart

I love Him in his beauty but, he Loves me more

He keeps me up night after night

Who needs to sleep? When He is around………….




Be Thankful for Little Mercies………..


At one of the construction sites that I visited in the suburbs of Mumbai, a building construction work was going on at full speed. Lots of poor laborers were hired and were working there from morning to dusk. They could not afford to send their small children to school as they were very meagerly paid by the contract workers. They did not have the means of buying basic toys for them.

Their small children devised few games for themselves and played amicably with each other. This new game that they played was called ‘Train-Train’ where each child used to hold onto one another’s shirt and play this game which they loved. Some boy would become the engine and others would become bogies.  Every day these children used to take turns becoming the engine and bogies. They never asked for anything more from their parents as they were completely satisfied with what they had.

I observed that there was one small boy of about eight years old wearing only a half pant who used to hold one small green cloth in his hand and become the guard daily. He was not given to play the part of bogies at all. So I went to him and asked him: “Son, don’t you also wish to become an engine or a bogie some time? He very softly replied: “Didi, I don’t have a shirt to wear so how will the other children catch me to make the train?” I could see the slight wetness in his eyes and I felt so bad for him. But the next moment he very happily went to play with the other kids not bothered whether he got the chance to become an engine or a bogie.

Once I went home, this whole incident got me thinking. The boy could have cried his lungs out or thrown a tantrum as he did not have a shirt like the other kids or simply sat at home sulking and being angry and harassing his parents for not giving him a shirt to wear. He was happy in his shorts and knew that his parents could not afford to buy toys for him but instead he chose to be happy and found another way to play and enjoy himself with the rest of his friends.

In life we don’t get all things we desire and we keep complaining at all times. Our children have been given enough, yet with grumpy and angry faces they will say, I don’t have a bike, I don’t have a car, I don’t have great parents, this or that and many more and they are never ever satisfied with what they have got. Even we are like this and our needs and wants never seem to be fulfilled. We are never grateful for whatever we have got and then we tend to become miserable and blame life and their circumstances.

Life is like what we make of it. We need to make it more beautiful and having an attitude of gratitude is the most important thing in life. Be thankful for the little mercies that are showered on us daily and thank Him who has given us enough. The laborers and their children were so happy in whatever they had and were so satisfied with life.  A life of Love, Happiness and Contentment is always important than having a materialistic way of life.

Life is to enjoy with whatever you have with you, keep smiling……….!

True Facts of Life……..


Inspite of so many colors we get to see in our lives – Black and White are the only two colors considered as Class and Superior. You will also see Gentlemen wearing it.

Inspite of so many voices, words and sounds which we keep on hearing or listening – Silence is considered ultimate. In silence you will find your True Self.

Inspite of so much to eat and feeling miserable afterwards – Fasting and diet are considered healthy for a good and simple way of living.

Inspite of so much to travel and explore in this World – Meditating under trees, going to quiet places or high up in the mountains is considered superior for peace of mind.

Inspite of so much enjoyment and living it up at parties – Closing your eyes and seeing within is considered to be the Pinnacle for achieving happiness in life.

Inspite of no one walking with you – Someone who likes taking few baby steps, adores and cares for you is like being in heaven.

Inspite of a sweet charming life full of vitality – A peaceful Soul is solace and divine.  It is the soul bird calling you from within.  Solitude is the richness of life.

Inspite of utterly failing and giving up on Life – Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time, never learn to give up.’

Inspite of being casual and carefree – Love that brings warmth and sunshine is like a breath of freshness in the air. Smiles and joyous Hearts add value to life.

These are strange but true facts of life. Trust your senses. Live a great life. Enjoy and Be Happy………..

A Flute……….

Image result for images of  flute

Sliced off from tall Bamboo trees

You are carved into a thin reed

Your presence a fresh new breath

Whispering hearts turn to melodies

Play the flute of joyous felicity

Dancing Dervishes whirling in a frenzy

To your maddenning flowing harmonies

Spiritual ecstasy in their mystical steps

A feeling of contentment within

You, yourself are the sweetened tunes

The songstress, the flyer, the leaf

Swaying with the rhythm of the wind

Like the valley whistling in early spring

Flying high above the bluish skies

Singing in unison with the musicians

Life is like the sweetness of a flute……………