Feeling Grateful………..

Feeling Grateful | creativeFlutters

This lovely morning as I was sitting

In front of my sweet little porch

Beauty filled me with a sense of awe

I felt a oneness with the pelicans

As they glided inches above the waters

I sensed the joy of the dolphins

Surfing the big blue waves in a twirl

And as I caught a glimpse of the majestic whales

Lifting their fins above the water

Playing their little game of joy

I knew the magnificence of beloved God

In the rapture and ecstasy of the moment

I also caught a glimpse of myself

Breathing in unison with the ebb and flow of the tide

That appeared to be in perfect rhythm with the wind

 The grass rippling in faultless harmony

The rays of the sun in all its brilliance

And in this moment, I felt a wave of Gratitude

For being alive in a perfect balance

With the Whole of the Universe……………………..

True meaning of What Life is all About?

Life is all about balance... | Quotes & Writings by rakesh raki | YourQuote

When I woke up this morning, I asked myself, ‘What is Life all about?’ I never realized it but I found the answer in my room only:

The Fan said, ‘Be Cool.’ There is no need to be worried or agitated.  Life is very simple and easy going. Appreciate every minute of it. I am here giving you peace and relaxation.

The Ceiling then said, ‘Aim Higher.’ Take up challenges that come your way and be assertive and confident. Be in the company of people who encourage you. Trust yourself in me and all will be good.

The Window too said, ‘See the wonderful world’. Always wear a beautiful smile of joy and happiness on your face and see the world from a different perspective. Reflect before you act. I will redirect you towards your goal.

The Clock chimed and said, ‘Every minute is precious.’ Once you have lost it, you can never get it back. Use your time preciously and carefully. It is free, but it is priceless too. I will always be following you wherever you go.

The Door then said, ‘Push harder’. Be positive and do your best. I am there as your greatest support. Everything comes to you at the right time, be patient. Go all out, I will never let you down.

The Floor said, ‘Kneel down and pray.’ Be Humble and Pray from your heart. Feel God, in every gentle touch. See God, in every happy face. I am ready to serve you.

The Calendar said, ‘Be up to date.’ Start every new day in your life like a new blank paper, a new hope and a joy in your step. Today is the moment that I am here for you. Enjoy this very day.

The Wall said to me, ‘Be quiet and observe in silence.’ Take the time to listen to everything in detail that speaks to you without words. The tongue is like a sharp knife, kills without drawing blood. I am silently watching you.

I got my answers from the simple gadgets in my house, what life is all about. If we have the spirit of Understanding everything in a Positive way, we will surely enjoy each and every moment of Life, whether it is a Pressure or Pleasure. Life is a Miracle and every Breath we take is a Gift. Love it and Live it to the best you can. SAY YES TO LIFE.

Being Rich is not about Owning things…….

Inspiring Success Story of Narayana Murthy - Story of a man who needs no  introduction!

One, Mr. Gupta boarded flight from Delhi to Mumbai, economy class. He noticed an old person sitting next to him on the window seat. Since he had a presentation to be made in an Engineering Company in Mumbai, he took his documents and started going through them for the final time before the presentation. After 15-20 minutes as he was done with his documents, he put them away and started looking out of the window, and suddenly he looked at the face of this person sitting next to him. He thought he had seen him somewhere but could not think of right now.

He was pretty old, his face, the suit was not very expensive and he was replying to some e-mails or going through some documents on his laptop. I noticed his shoes; they were of average quality. Something struck me and I asked him: “Are you Mr. Narayana Murthy?”  He looked me, smiled and replied in his polite voice, “Yes, I am.” I was completely shocked! For one second, I had no idea what to say next. I looked at him again. His shoes, his suit, his tie and his specs. Everything was average. This guy was worth $2.3 billion and co-founded a great Company like Infosys.

I always wanted to become super rich so that I could buy all the luxury things in my life and travel business or first class. He could buy the whole airlines and yet he was sitting next to me in the economy class.  I again asked: “Sir, why are you travelling in economy class and not business class?”  He replied in his gentle voice and said: “Do business class people reach early? Is there any difference between them and us?” I felt completely humbled by his reply.  Afterwards I introduced myself and where I was working. He very kindly listened to me and also asked me few questions regarding my work and we got talking.

He also answered few questions I asked him. But his last answer to my question changed my life entirely. I said, “Sir, you are so successful and have made so many good decisions in your life. Is there something you regret?” He got pretty intense look on his face, thought for a while and answered, “Sometimes my knee hurts, I should have taken better care of my body. When I was young, I was so busy working that I never got time to take care of myself and now even if I want to work more, I cannot. My body does not permit me.”

He further said, “You are young. You are smart and ambitious but don’t repeat the mistake I made. Take proper care of your body and take proper rest. This is the only body you have got! Do not play with it the way you want to.  Life is all about taking things calmly and learning how to relax in our day-to-day life but when we are young, we are very energetic and are racing to meet targets and overburden ourselves with work.” That day I learned two things, one that he told me the essence of life and another that he showed me that being rich is not about owning things. His knowledge was priceless. I understood immediately how I needed to be conducting my life from today onwards. What a great and down to earth human being he is, no doubt he is so successful and humble at the same time. Rich people too can be unassuming at times.

Unfolding the Rose……..

Unfolding the Rose

I came across this beautiful poem by 13th century Sufi Poet – Jalaluddin Rumi.  I would love to share it on my blog.  The poem goes like this:

It is only a tiny rosebud

A flower of God’s design

But I cannot unfold the petals

With these clumsy hands of mine

The secret of unfolding flowers

Is not known to such as I

God opens this flower so sweetly

When in my hands they fade and die

If I cannot unfold a rosebud

This flower of God’s design

Then how can I think I have wisdom

To unfold this life of mine?

So, I’ll trust in Him for His leading

Each moment of every day

I will look to Him for His guidance

Each step of the pilgrim way

The pathway that lies before me

Only my Heavenly Father knows

I’ll trust Him to unfold the moments

Just as He unfolds the rose………………..

Shades of Happiness……….

Happiness has varied shades of delight

Some glad, some merry, some fun

Some jovial, some romantic, some thrills

That brightens up my beautiful day

Gives joy to the pleasures of the senses

Flirting with magical nuances

Dancing in the tapestry of life

Singing a merry jingle or two

With a flight of twittering sparrows

Smiling on tulips pretty lips

Vibrant colours of spring tides

Happy in shades of symphony

Running around in oceans of love

Waves that keep coming to the shores

I and my crazy being scampering

Carefree and full of delight

Clad in shades of happiness

Changes the way I think of life

Happiness is within Me not outside

Took ages to unfurl this beautiful truth

No cares, no worries, no fears at all

I am in a state of a joyous holiday………………..

Little Acts of Kindness……..

RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS DAY - February 17, 2022 | National Today

Little Acts of Kindness makes a better world for all of us to live peacefully, happily and abundantly with one and all. No act of Kindness however small is ever wasted.

Kindness is another word for Love, Caring and Giving. Do little acts of kindness without any fear. Be Loving and Kind to each and everyone.

Human nature is itself Kindness and it is such a pleasing word to the ear.  It comforts the giver and the receiver.

Kindness is an act of showing affection, consideration and care.  Things which you have in excess you can always share with the less fortunate ones. They will thank you abundantly.

No one has ever become poor in their hearts by giving. The pleasure you get in seeing beaming smiles on their faces makes your day.  Show kindness to all living beings.

Kindness is exhibited when you help someone in need. This indeed is a great deed. Come out from your selfish nature and learn to be selfless and compassionate to one and all.

Greet someone with a sweet smile of love and receive hundred-fold happiness from the one who is in dire need of your kindness.

Spreading kindness strengthens relationships and brings a feeling of satisfaction to the one who is giving. This act will surely receive appreciation.  Kindness has the power to win people’s heart.

Life is simple, life is beautiful. Be kind, it is never too late to start anything in life. We are all little bits of each other.  May we all be Well, May we all be Happy, May we all be Healthy and May we all be filled with Loving Kindness.


The Sun and the Cave………

Sun Cave Photograph by Catie Canetti

One day the sun and a cave struck up a conversation.  The sun had trouble understanding what ‘dark’ meant and the cave did not quite get the hang of ‘light and clear’ so they decided to change places. 

The cave went up to the sun and said, “Ah, I see, this is beyond wonderful.  Now come down and see where I have been living.”  The sun went down to the cave and said, “Gee, I do not see any difference.”  The cave was totally surprised by what the sun had to say because in reality when the sun went down to the cave, it took its light along with it and even the darkest corners were illuminated with its radiating light.  That’s why the sun could not see any difference whatsoever.

There is a profound quote from an old book that said, “The enlightened ones can never be sent to hell or pushed into darkness.  They carry their heaven or abundant light on their shoulders all the time.”  If we are full of darkness within, full of negativity, fear and doubt, you become a cave unknowingly.  It’s a hell within and no matter how much you accumulate knowledge, you still remain hollow.

If you are illuminated like the sun, then the darkness of the cave would not matter to you at all. You could be in the worse of circumstances but you’ll still be able to find a blessing somewhere. You will always be positive in life and you will always be carrying your heaven with you. 



Mother Teresa to be made a saint, Vatican announces

I came across this inspiring and profound poemANYWAY’. It hangs on the walls of Mother Teresa’s children home in Calcutta.  I would like to share it with my blogger friends. THE POEM goes like this:

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered; ‘FORGIVE THEM’ anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; ‘BE KIND’ anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; ‘SUCCEED anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; ‘BE HONEST & FRANK’ anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; ‘BUILD’ anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; ‘BE HAPPY’ anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; ‘DO GOOD’ anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; ‘GIVE THE WORLD THE BEST YOU HAVE’ anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and your God; ‘IT WAS NEVER BETWEEN YOU AND THEM’ anyway.

Let us all not be worried or fearful of what is happening right now in our World but move forward with perseverance, faith and gratefulness that anyways, ALL THIS SHALL SOON PASS and we will all live a happy and joyful life once again on this beautiful Planet of ours.

Joy Gladdens the Heart

Joy gladdens the heart
Pure as a melody
splashes colours of happiness
dancing, unfurling petals of glee
softens like a wonderful marshmallow
Shining bright and beautifully
let us take a dip of delight
in the first fragrance of the flowers
in every meeting of the eyes
in every little darlings lips
in every leafing merry tree
in every taste of tangerine and avacado
the soul obtains its nourishment
from its own joy that gladdens the heart
and a beautiful bliss outshines
from the depth of our beautiful heart

Love came rushing by………..

5 Reasons to Love Yourself Just the Way You Are - Exploring your mind

Love came in a rush on passion’s fruit

And became like blood in my body

Thirsting for your sweet nectar

It rushed through my veins

Radiated my entire being with madness

Encircling my hearts flames to blazes

Mystified in your charming enchantment

I looked for you in hills and dales

My sweetheart, my most precious love

A tulip upon silvery horizons

I saw only one thing

Love’s name written on my lips

On my limbs, on my left palm

On my forehead, on the back of my neck

On my right big toe, all over me

Love came rushing by like a tornado

Sweeping me right into your arms

All that you see of me today

Is just a worn-out shell

And the rest belongs to you my Love……………….