Do not sit still when you have wings to fly……….

Peregrine falcons stun academics by not cheating on their partners despite  move from cliffs to big city | The Independent | The Independent

Once upon a time, there lived a generous and kind-hearted king.  He was fond of birds and animals, and had a huge bird sanctuary in his kingdom.  He disliked harming the animals and birds.  In appreciation of his generosity towards birds, the king was gifted two beautiful falcons by a businessman.  Those two falcons were used to different climatic conditions.  The king thanked the businessman and ordered the Head bird trainer to provide all the facilities to those beautiful falcons and make them feel comfortable in their country.  The head trainer took care of the birds.  Gradually, the birds got adapted to the country’s climate.

One day, the king wanted to see the falcons fly as he had heard that one of the falcon could fly to great heights at very high speed.  The bird trainer let the falcon out of the enclosure.  It flew very high, very quickly and came down to the enclosure within minutes.  The king was quite surprised and rewarded the bird trainer with a handful of gold coins.  He enquired about the other falcon.  The trainer stated with regret that the other falcon had not moved even a step from day one and had just sat on the branch. He said he had tried everything he could but nothing worked.

The King consoled him and told him that he would bring someone more experienced than him to try to train the other falcon.  Soon, the king announced that he needed someone to make the falcon move and fly.  Hearing this announcement, an old man reached the King’s palace and assured him that he would make the bird fly like the other one.  The King asked the head trainer to take the old man to the sanctuary to train the falcon.  He said that he will visit them the next day to see if there was any change.

The next day the king was very surprised to see the other falcon fly like the first one to great height in rapid speed.  The king was very happy and gifted the old man a handful of gold coins and asked the old man what he had done to make the bird fly in a day.  The old man simply replied, “I just cut down the branch of the tree where the falcon used to sit.”

Many of us are like this.  We have wings to fly; we know how to fly to our freedom and where to fly.  Still we sit doing nothing or doing something that makes us inferior to others.  We become lazy and bored very easily in life but we must persevere with determination and confidence. Don’t sit still when you have wings to fly. Keep on encouraging one another each and every day, it makes life more beautiful and meaningful.

Every Morning brings a New Story………..

Every Day Is A New Beginning Good Morning Pictures, Photos, and Images for  Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Every morning is fresh and new

Bringing a new story in our lives

With loving smiles and love in our hearts

May we all bask in the sun’s glory

Listening to the chirping of the birds

Leaves rustling in the cold breeze

Flowers dancing in their pretty pinks

And let the day begin on a lovely note

In the freshness of your thoughts and feelings

Always believe that something

Amazing and awesome is about to happen today

And you always succeed, be happy and joyous

In anything you wish to do

And leave the rest to God

For he knows what is in stock for you

Have a wonderful and blessed day……………..

Can I take You………

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My Precious Love,

Can I take You alone on this journey?

Where there is just you and me

Not a single soul invades our privacy

Hand in hand we walk together

In tune with our magical steps

Whistling winds calling us in a whisper

In the quietude and silence of the now

Under the gazing twinkling stars

Guiding us on a beautiful path

Finding gratitude in the little things

Complete in each other’s arms.

At a distance we can hear

Waves splashing against the rocks

Creating rhythmic sounds of silence

Paddling our feet in the cool waters

Laughing like carefree souls gone crazy

This radiant moment is ours to cherish

Can I take You, My Precious Love?

Where Love in all her tenderness

Clasps us in her hearts embraces

Where Joy and Happiness pervades

In all their grandeur and passion……….

Worrying is a waste of time and energy…………

Worrying won't solve your problems, it's just waste your time and energy -  Short Moral Story

Worrying will not solve your problems; it will just waste your time and energy.

Once there was a wise man, people have been coming to the wise man, complaining about the same problems every time.  One day he told them a joke and everyone roared in laughter.  After a couple of minutes, he told them the same joke and only a few of them smiled. When he told them the same joke the third time no one laughed anymore.  They thought he had gone mad.

The wise man than smiled and said to the people: “You cannot laugh at the same joke over and over again, then why are you always crying about the same problem every day.  Worrying is simply wasting your time and energy.  When will you move on and not worry. Worry has never done any good to anyone.” The people then understood what the wise man was getting at and all smiled and left for their houses.

Life is not always perfect, but it is always what you make of it. So make it count, make it memorable and never let anyone steel your happiness.

What Do You Gain from Praying to God……..

While You Were Sleeping — Jason and Dana Rongione

A renowned Persian poet was once asked by someone: What do you “Gain” from praying to God regularly?

He replied: Usually “I do not earn anything”, but rather “I lose certain things.”

And he quoted everything he lost praying to God regularly:

  • I lost my pride.
  • I lost my arrogance.
  • I lost my anger.
  • I lost stress.
  • I lost greed.
  • I lost the pleasure of lying.
  • I lost the taste of sin.
  • I lost the impatience.
  • I lost despair and discouragement.

Sometimes we pray not to gain something, but to lose things that do not allow us to grow personally and spiritually. Prayer educates, strengthens and heals.  It also brings peace of mind, love, happiness and joy. May your prayers be answered and your day filled with miracles and blessings. How wonderful it is to know that God walks before us, charts our paths and makes the crooked places straight. There is no need to fear the future. His grace is always there with us.

In A Loving Gaze………..

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In a loving gaze

I stood and wondered, admired

A soft-breeze caressing my face

As I was having a cup of warm tea

At the magnificence all around me

With the freshness of a New Year

That came right upon its wings

Birds singing sweet songs of melody

Flowers that delighted in their pretty fragrances

Surprizing all of us in all her splendour

With a promise filled with Peace, Love & Happiness

Blessings with love and light, faith and grace

Let us all pray that the pandemic is swept away

A fury, a madness that came as an Oceanic wave

And created mass hysteria everywhere it went

Let us end with Gratitude and begin with Hope

Our New Year 2022 on a beautiful Note

May all our dreams come true

Wishing everyone magnificent moments

Treasured memories and all the blessings

A lovely Heart can know…………………….

In Whose Hands…………..

God's helping hand with the white cross on sunset background. Da - Whole  Life Ministries

It all depends in whose hand it is. Let it do well in your hands too:

A tennis racket is useless in my hands but a tennis racket in Serena Williams hands is a Championship Winner and it is worth Millions. 

A rod in my hand will almost scare and keep an angry dog away but a rod in Moses hands parted the mighty Red Sea and allowed his people to go to a land chosen by God.

Songs sung by ordinary people have no rhythm but songs sung by Michael Jackson from the heart, gives an internal pleasure and only song lovers can understand its beauty.

A sling shot in my hand is simply an unwanted toy and not of much use but a sling shot in David’s hand was a mighty weapon.

Two fish and five loaves of bread in my hand is just enough for breakfast in my house where I can feed only my family but in Jesus hands he fed thousands and made each and everyone happy.

Knowledge is like a new born baby and practice is the Key in my hand but in the hands of Saints and Sages it is a Treasure full of Wisdom.

Nails in my hands by mistake might just cause me a temporary injury but in Jesus Christ’s hands they produced salvation for the entire world.

As you see now, it all depends on whose hand it is, so put your concerns, worries, fears, hopes, dreams, families and your relationships in God’s hands because it all depends in whose hands they are. Put yourself in His hands and watch the amazing transformation that will take place in your life and how great you will become.…………………………….

Christmas Cheers…………..

Shout Out A Christmas Cheer! - Berger Blog

Christmas Cheers

Can be heard softly like a whisper

As sweet carols and hymns

With a touch of joy and ringing of bells

As the lovely season of merriment

Has come to every doorstep.

Time to let go of discords

A Merry Christmas on pretty lips

Embracing love and gaiety

With family and friends

A flutter of warm hearts

Sitting cozily near the fireside

A cup of wine and three cheers on pretty lips

And every room and street being lit up

With Streamers and Christmas trees.

And not to miss our jolly good Santa

With his ever-faithful reindeers

Booming with a jubilant “Ho, Ho, Ho”

Bringing a whole lot of goodies

For all the wonderful children.    

Hope these enchanting days

Will last forever and Christmas Cheers

Sound deep within everyone’s Soul……………….

Meaning of Silence………….

Buddha and Philosopher - Power of Silence, Spiritual Enlightenment

One day some people came to meet a solitary monk who was sitting quietly near his small hut.  They asked him very politely: “Sir, what is the meaning of silence and meditation?  We would like to hear it from you.”  He got up without saying a word to the people and went to a deep well which was besides his hut and started scooping water from a deep well. 

He then said to his visitors: “Look into the well.  What do you see?” The people looked into the deep well and responded: “We see nothing!”  The monk put down his bucket.  After a short while, he urged the people once more: “Look into the well! What do you see now?”  The people looked down again: “Now we see ourselves, they said.” 

“Earlier you could not see anything,” replied the monk, “because the water was restless as your life.  But now it is quiet.  This is what the silence gives us: “One sees Himself in His true self”.  Then the monk told the people to wait a while again.  Finally, he asked them: “And now look again into the well. What do you see?”

The men looked down and said: “Now we see the stones at the bottom of the well.”  The monk then said: “This is the experience of silence and meditation.  If you wait long enough, you can see the purpose of all things in their true perspective.” This was a profound lesson that they all learnt on silence and meditation and returned to their village completely satisfied.

I Am Your Guide, Follow Me……….

Little Boy Sees Beautiful Visions of Jesus, Heaven, Before Dying From Cancer

I know your sorrows, your fears

Drink deeply and passionately

Of the nectar of each beautiful day

I am rebirth, I am hope, I am truth

Even simple survival is sweet

I Am Your Guide, Follow Me

I am your Smile, Your Joy, Your happiness

I am the Master of Timelessness

Fly with Me higher upon mystical skies

I am the pure energy of your heart

Let us celebrate our friendship together

With Me everything becomes lovely

Let yourself flow like a wonderful leaf

In the sacred stream of life

Carried by My current of Love

There is no one but Me

Take my hand, keep trust alive

I Am Your Guide, Follow Me…………………