Fun Loving Stories……….


GEOGRAPHY CLASS: The teacher of the Earth Science class was lecturing on map reading. He spent almost half a day to the class explaining about latitude, longitude, degrees and minutes.  Towards the end of the class, the teacher asked his students, ‘Suppose I asked you to meet me for lunch at 23 degrees, 4 minutes’ north latitude and 45 degrees, 15 minutes’ east longitude’. A student’s voice broke the confused silence, and volunteered, ‘I guess you would be eating alone, Sir. 

SHREWD FARM OWNER: A plane full of politicians crashed on a farm. When the police arrived they could not see the victims of the crash, the police asked the farm owner what happened.  

Farm owner: I buried all of them.

One of the police men asked with shock: ‘Are you sure they were all dead?’

Farm owner: Some were screaming, ‘We are still alive’. But I did not believe them. You know, these politicians. They always lie.

AN INTELLIGENT WIFE: A wife took her very ill husband to see the doctor. After the medical routine check-up, the Doctor confidentially told the wife: Give him healthy breakfast daily, be pleasant and in good, do not fight. Cook tasty dinner and do not discuss your problems with him. Stop watching TV shows, What’s App and Facebook. Do not demand for money or new jewels. If you can do this for one year, your husband will be okay.

On the way home, husband asks his wife: What did the doctor say?

Wife: Your survival is not possible.

LAST WISH: The Pope was dying. He sent a message for Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi to come to the hospital in the Vatican. When they arrived, they were ushered up to his room. As they entered the room, the Pope held out his hands and motioned for them to sit on each side of the bed. The Pope grasped their hands, sighed contentedly, smiled and started at the ceiling. For a time, no one said anything.

Both Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi were touched and flattered that the Pope would ask them to be with him during his final moments. They were also puzzled because he had never given any indication that he particularly liked either one of them. Finally, Mallya asked, ‘Father, why did you ask the two of us to come here?’ The Pope mustered all his strength and then said weakly, ‘Jesus died between two thieves, and that’s how I’d like to go to.’

SMART WIFE: A husband was sitting on a sofa next to his wife who was eating and typing on her phone.  He heard his phone’s message tone coming from the kitchen from where he was charging it.  He went to the kitchen and read a message from his wife saying ‘Please bring the salt and sugar bottles on your way back’. This shows women power.

Have a great laugh and enjoy these fun loving stories.


Be Detached to Attachment……………


A man from Wales who had gone out of his town for a few days comes back and finds that his big house is on fire.  It was one of the most beautiful houses in the town, and the man loved this big house the most! Many were ready to give double price for the house, but he had never agreed for any price and now it is just burning before his eyes.  And thousands of people have gathered, but nothing can be done, the fire has spread so far that even if you try to put it out, nothing will be saved.  So he becomes very sad and crestfallen.

His eldest son comes running and whispers something in his ear: “Don’t be worried dad, I sold it yesterday and at a very good price, three times.  The offer was so good I could not wait for you.  Forgive me.”  Father said, ‘Thank God, it’s not ours now.’ Then the father is relaxed and became a ‘silent watcher’, just like 1000’s of other watchers. Please think about it. Just a moment before he was not a watcher, he was attached.  It is the same house, the same fire, everything is the same, but now he is not concerned.  In fact, he started enjoying it just as everybody else in the crowd. 

Then the second son comes running and he says to the father, ‘What are you doing? You are smiling, and the house is on fire?’ The father said, ‘Don’t you know, your brother has sold it.’ He said, ‘We have taken only advance amount, not settled fully.  I doubt now that the man who was ready to buy is going to purchase it now after what has happened.  Again, everything changes. Tears which had disappeared, have come back to the father’s eyes, his smile is no more there, his heart is beating fast and he is sitting dejected once more. The ‘watcher’ has gone. He is again attached. 

And then the third son comes, and he says, ‘That man is a man of his word.  I have just come from him.  He said, ‘It does not matter whether the house is burnt or not, it is mine.  And I am going to pay the price that I have settled for.  Neither you knew, nor I knew that the house would catch on fire.’ Again the joy is back and family became ‘watchers’. The attachment is no more there. 

Actually in reality nothing is changing. Just the feeling that there is so much attachment and that ‘I am the sole owner and I possess this or that material or non-material things and all this is mine’. The watcher again becomes both attached and detached hearing the good and bad news. One has to be detached from all these things in order to lead a peaceful and contented life. It is completely alright if we lose these things in our lives as we come with nothing and go with nothing. These are all burdens we carry with us and we have to one-day leave all this and go. What has to happen will certainly happen, we need not be perturbed or have anxiety and stressful attacks for no rhyme or reason. Life is meant to be lived in all her glory. Give her space and time and leave all your worries at the doorway and be totally detached to attachment. Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path. Start each day with a Grateful Heart.

Live Simply, Stay Fit, Look Fab and Love Yourself.


Life Is…………..


LIFE IS…………..

Life is like a sharp edged sword

That can cut you to pieces

If you are surrounded by hatred



Life is like the sweetness of sugar

That can swallow you wholly

If you love someone deeply


LIFE IS………….

Life is like a strong pillar

That tells you not to give up on her

But strives hard for a better tomorrow


LIFE IS………….

Life is like a silent observer

That pays no heed to your calling

But is a part of you along your journey


LIFE IS……………

Life is beautiful in all her essence

If you know how to flow in her rhythm

She will change the course of your life

And envelop you in all her simplicity…………….

Strange but True………….


-In spite of so many colors that we see around us – black and white are considered Classy and Elegant.

-In spite of so many voices, words and sounds that we hear and speak – silence is considered ultimate and golden.

-In spite of so much to eat and being greedy and wanting more – Fasting and eating very little is considered very healthy.

-In spite of so much to travel and explore the globe – meditating under trees and mountains and being within one’s own nature, knowing who you really are, is considered superior.

-In spite of so much to see everywhere you go and look in this World – Closing your eyes and looking within is Blissful.

-In spite of listening to all the outside creation that is given to us – The Voice that comes from inside You is eternal and everlasting.

-In spite of a sweet charming life that has so much desires packed in it – A peaceful soul is solace and divine.

Reign in your senses. Live a great life free from expectations and wants that never think of diminishing and enjoy every moment of your life in its beautiful essence. Life is really very short and it is a great Cosmic Laughter. Man’s life does not Commence in the Womb and neither does it End in the Grave. It keeps on coming back. Life is what you make of it.

Live Simply, Be Cheerful and Enjoy Life.


Pigeons – An Insightful Wisdom………


In an ancient temple, a number of pigeons lived happily on the roof top. When the renovation of the temple began for the annual temple feast the pigeons relocated themselves to a Church nearby.  The existing pigeons in the Church accommodated the new comers very well.

Christmas was nearing and the Church was given a face-lift, all the pigeons had to move out and look for another place. They were very fortunate to find a place in a Mosque nearby.  The pigeons who were already staying in the Mosque welcomed them happily.  It was Ramadan time and the Mosque was repainted, all the pigeons now had to leave and came back to the same ancient temple.

One day the pigeons on top found some communal clashes below in a market square. There was a lot of chaos and there were many people who died. The baby pigeon asked the mother pigeon, ‘Who are these people?  The mother replied, they are called ‘Human Beings’.  The baby asked, ‘But why are they fighting with each other?  The mother said, ‘These human beings going to temple are called ‘Hindus’ and the people going to Church are called ‘Christians’ and the people going to Mosque are called ‘Muslims.’

The baby pigeon asked, ‘Why is it so? When we were in the temple we were called ‘Pigeons’, when we were in the church we were called ‘Pigeons’ and when we were in the mosque, we were called ‘Pigeons’. Similarly, they should be called just ‘human beings’ wherever they go?’  The mother pigeon said, ‘You and me and our pigeon friends have experienced God and that is why we are living here in a highly elevated place peacefully. These people are yet to experience God.  They seem to have not known him and keep on believing in their own make believe houses. How can they ever find peace and happiness? God is found in their hearts and not some place outside of them.

Temples, Mosques and Churches are in them, they need not go to all these imaginary places to find Him. Hence they are living below us and fighting and killing each other gruesomely without knowing that God resides in each and every one without any caste or creed. They have forgotten how to love their fellowmen.

Always remember, we all have our own opinions and beliefs. We have different ways in dealing with life’s troubles and joys but to survive our difference without hurting each other is what GOODNESS is all about.

Live Simply, Love Truly and Be Thankful.



Rise & Shine……………….


Rise and Shine

With the morning rays of the sun

To a beautiful sunny day

Take a deep breath

Smile and say many thanks

With a prayer full of grace

Have a feeling of ‘AHA’

With A cup full of Hot Hello!

A plate full of Crispy Warm Wishes

A spoon full of Sugary Sweetness

A warm perfumed soapy Bath

A song and a dance to set your Day

A little step of positive jams

And a slice of great Success especially for U

Can be the beginning of a new journey

Just Breathe in the freshness of the Now

Loving yourself and trusting yourself…………………….

Three Days Three Quotes Challenge……….


I thank Didis Art Design ( for nominating me for The Three Days Three Quotes Challenge. 

Dear Bloggers do kindly visit this inspiring and encouraging blogger who puts forward such motivational and spiritual teachings that has made so much impact on the readers.

‘A greater teacher named: ‘THICH NHAT HANH’ has written a very inspirational quote ‘ON THE LEAF’. It says:

“I asked the leaf, whether it was frightened because it was autumn and the other leaves were falling. The leaf told me, ‘No, during the whole spring and summer I was completely alive. I worked hard to help nourish the tree, and now much of me is in the tree. I am not limited by this form. I am also the whole tree, and when I go back to the soil, I will continue to nourish the tree. So I do not worry at all.

As I leave this branch and float to the ground, I will wave to the tree and tell her, ‘I will see you again very soon.’ That day there was a wind blowing and after a while, I saw the leaf leave the branch and float down to the soil, dancing joyfully, because as it floated it saw itself already there in the tree. It was so happy. I bowed my head, knowing that I have a lot to learn from the leaf.”

From this quote he is trying to say that we have never left our Source so why do we fear and worry for nothing. We too like the leaf will one day get back from where we came and we are never alone. The Source is always there as our Constant Companion so why not dance with joy and happiness.