Cafe Terrace At Night – By Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh - Vincent Van Gogh (cafe Terrace At Night) Art Poster -  1920x1080 Wallpaper -

I was given an assignment where we had to write a story on any image drawn by the famous Van Gogh. I liked this beautiful Cafe Terrace by Night and I hope my friends you will like my story that I have written from the picture:

Daniel loved going to this beautiful Café Terrace at night with his friends which served the best of wines and cuisines in their little town of Prisbery. They loved sitting peacefully under the moonlit nights where the sweet twinkling stars came out from the darkened clouds enveloping the place with a glorious tint.  There was no hustle and bustle of traffic or rush of people too. Only the gentle rustle of leaves could be felt in the cool breeze that swayed its freshness everywhere. Adjacent to the café stood a blue coloured building which was a small hotel that catered to outsiders.

The speciality of the café was that they had these quaint gothic style tables and chairs which were appreciated by the town’s folk and it was always crowded throughout the entire day.  The ambience was lovely too, they could see so many people coming and going from the café.  A subtle yellowish-green with rustic lamps and a vibrant blue was the décor of the café.

Sitting across them was a lovely young couple who had eyes for each other only. Daniel observing them said to his friends, “Look at the young couple, how madly in love they are, laughing and having a great time. See how he is tenderly holding her hand and kissing her so beautifully and she coyly looking at him with her lovely eyes. Hope they can learn to be happy and joyous throughout their lives and not get into any false arguments; tiffs and spoil their friendship.”  His friends too agreed with Daniel.

A waitress then came to their table and said, “Sirs, what would you like to drink and eat. Can I take your order now or if it is very late then the kitchen will close for the day.”  They ordered their drinks and food, chitchatting and having a merry time.  All of a sudden a vagabond like man comes to their table asking for alms or food, “Please, if you would care to give me something to eat and drink.  I have not eaten a decent meal from days.”  Daniel and his friends immediately call the waitress to bring more food and water and give it to the beggar.  He feels so happy and with tears in his eyes, “Thank you for your generosity” and walks away.

Afterwards in the middle of their conversation they see a pretty brunette hanging on the arms of an elderly gentleman walking across the café and Daniel’s friend, Jacob says, “Look friends who is coming.  She is looking like a little devil with the way she is charming him with her Oomph and beauty.  She surely must be with him for a good time, as the gentleman looks quite wealthy and fashionable.”  They all agreed with him and had a delightful laugh. 

This is the way Daniel and his friends passed their time every day in the evenings when they came to their special hideout at this café after a tiring job and giggled, joked, laughed and talked of what transpired in their lives and whenever anyone came to sit next to them they would quietly discuss about them, make some comment or the other and they enjoyed being in each other’s company.  Life is very short so why not make the most out of it and live happily and joyously forever.

Flowers Dancing with the Wind………….

Dance of Flowers on a Sunny Day, Landscape in Color Stock Vector -  Illustration of presented, clouds: 155070773

I see fresh dainty Flowers dancing with the wind

Merging in petals pastel ecstasy

Unfolding prettily as tulips, cherries, daffodils,

Sunflowers, roses or lavenders

Wrapped in delicate corals, reds or pinks

Unharmed in wooded greens

A coat of rainbow’s musical hymn

Wind blowing them upon my skin

And sunshine reflected in my hair

I find delight in their scented smells

Gazing at the falling flowers, I long to see a flower pure

And wish to reach the sky azure

Every moment is a priceless joy

With my sling bag in tow

I love to run wild with the whistling winds

Among the healing greens that I call home

And with my spirits full of excitement

I walk with the flowers in the wind………………

Oh! My Beloved Heart…………..

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Oh! My Beloved Heart

Do not become sad

Do not become disheartened so easily

Have utmost faith and trust

In the hidden world

There are many mysteries

Many wonders, many magical moments

Angels singing sweet songs of melody

Waiting with open arms

On wings of grandeur

Just for you My Beloved Heart

Even if the whole planet

Threatens you with your life

Don’t let go of the Beloved’s Robe

For even a breath

Surrender to His Will

He will lift you in his arms

And take you Home

Where your Heart truly belongs…………..

Simple Values that Add Essence to Life………….

The essence of Life - Home | Facebook

If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives and you have nowhere to go.  Be kind anyway.

People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are honest, people may at times cheat you. Be honest anyway.

If you find happiness, at times people may be jealous of you.  Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.

Hug the person who means a lot to you, though he may not reciprocate the same feelings towards you. Hug him anyway.

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough.  Give the best anyway.

Other people may hurt you, but Life itself is not against you. Live it anyway.

Care for your family who takes the best from you, though they may not show it.  Care for them anyway.

Even if someone is not behaving nice and is slandering you in front of your friends. Be nice anyway.

In the end, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them anyway. Respect is not something that you can ask for, buy or borrow.  Respect is what you earn from each person no matter their background or status.  Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. These are the simple values that add so much essence to your life.

Mix all the Juices of Life………

Pin on Magic is real

Take one cup of Wisdom

From all the people of this beautiful Earth

Mix it well and superbly with Respect

Melt a knob of complete Tolerance

Open the key with gems of Love

Chop a handful of mutual Understanding

With a Joyful silvery Spoon

Let everything simmer nice and quietly

With Love & Kindness for an Hour

Sprinkle little titbits with Hope & Cheers

And spread it with Care & Compassion

Have utmost Faith in his Grace

Let us all Delight with happiness and joy

Mixing all the gracious Juices of Life

Dancing to a classical symphony

Beautifully and sweetly upon tiny sprouts

In a magical fairy-like World…………..

His Hand is Bigger than Yours……….

His Hand is bigger than Yours………. – Boundless Blessings by Kamal

A little boy and his father visited the country store in their little village for some purchases and groceries.  Upon leaving the store, the owner of the store very kindly offered the little boy some free assorted sweets that were kept in jars near the billing counter. ‘Come my dear, get a handful of sweets that you like, there are so many with their colourful wrappings.’ the owner said to the boy. The boy was a little shy and just stood there looking up at his father not knowing what to do. The owner repeated to the boy, ‘Son get a handful of sweets it’s completely free, I am wanting to give them to you. Come grab some.’  Again the boy did not move, continuing to look up in the face of his father. 

Finally, the father reached into the candy jar and got a handful of sweets and gave it to his son.  He then said his thank you to the owner and as they walked back home, the father stopped and asked his son why he did not grab a handful of the free candy or sweets that he liked.  Why was he shy?  The boy with a beautiful big smile on his face looked into the face of his father and said, ‘BECAUSE I KNOW THAT YOUR HAND IS BIGGER THAN MINE.’

So, whatever your needs are for now, future or tomorrow, kindly place them in your FATHER’S HAND, because HIS HAND IS BIGGER THAN YOURS. HE KNOWS BEST. TRUST AND HAVE UTMOST FAITH IN HIM. HE WILL NEVER EVER FAIL YOU.  If we could all see the world through the eyes of our DIVINE FATHER, we would see the magic in everything.  Have a blessed time as you journey towards a great life………. 

How to Stay Young and Beautiful……….

🅱️ 25+ Best Memes About Age Quotes | Age Quotes Memes
  • Throw out non-essential and critical numbers. This includes your age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them.  That is why you pay them. Just learn to let go and enjoy who you really are.
  • Keep only cheerful and exuberant friends who love to make you stay beautiful and young. The grouches pull you down.  Do not let them affect you.
  • Keep learning. Knowledge is very important. Learn more about the computer, crafts, arts and gardening, whatever you like.  Never let the brain be idle. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” And the devil’s name is Alzheimer’s.
  • Enjoy the simple things in life that add great value to your life. They will never come back.
  • Laugh often, long and loud, laugh until you gasp for breath. Laughter is the greatest medicine that keeps the Doctor away.
  • The tears do happen. We must learn to Endure, grieve and move on.  The only person, who is with us our entire life, is ourselves.  Be lively while you are alive.
  • Surround yourself with what you love, whether it’s family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, and hobbies, whatever you feel comfortable to do.  Your home is your refuge.
  • Cherish your health.  If it is good, preserve it, if it is unstable, improve it, if it is beyond what you can improve, get help.
  • Don’t take guilt trips.  Take a trip to the mall, go out with friends, travel to destinations of your choice but do not go where the guilt is.
  • Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity that you get.  Be always in Gratitude.

And always remember: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. We all need to live life to its fullest each day.  Worry about nothing, enjoy and keep on moving in the right direction.

Drinking from the saucer…………..

My cup runneth over with Blessings! | Tea party, Tea art, Tea

A profound and beautiful poem by a great poet called JOHN PAUL MOORE:

I’ve never made a fortune

And I’ll never make one now

But it really doesn’t matter

Cause I’m happy anyhow

As I go along my journey

I’m reaping better than I’ve sowed

I’m drinking from the saucer

Cause my cup has overflowed

He gives me strength and courage

When the way grows steep and rough

I’ll not ask for other blessings for

I’m already blessed enough

May we never be too busy

To help bear another’s load

Then we’ll all be drinking from the same saucer

When our cups have overflowed with abundance…………

Unbelievable is Nature…………

Unbelievable Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Sitting in wonder at the promenade

Watching stars dancing in a cluster

Twinkling, giving beams of light

Bursting organdie sunsets in flames of fire

Honey covered twilight

Flowing in its rhythmic tunes

Clouds turning into cotton pillows

Time to take a sweet nap

Golden rays shining as yellow hues

Upon the silvery waves

Creating ripples along the way

A cool breeze gently rolling by

Birds fast asleep in their branches

Not a noise from the rustling leaves

Night approaches shyly and timidly

In all her pretty dimpled boots

Halogen lights shining a shade better

A Mystical feeling of quietness

Pervades in the freshness of spring

A charming verse upon my lips

Unbelievable is nature

And I bow to its beauty and imagination…………..

An Act of Kindness……………

97 Art and Music Showing Kindness ideas | serving others, kindness,  teaching kids

Dear Friends, I was sent an assignment, by a group of friends to write a short story that speaks and inspires me about kindness. I hope you will like my story which unfolds below:

Judith always came with her father every Sunday morning after mass at the Central Park to play with her friends.  The Park was very close to where they stayed. She and her friends had a wonderful time playing on the swing, the see-saw and being merry and gay.   Her father loved his Sundays’ as this was one day that he could rest after a hectic week of work and be with his daughter who he loved. The garden had a marvelous beauty of its own.  There were majestic tall trees with branches stretched in their green and yellow leaves giving an enchanted feeling.  There was a small lake flowing beautifully in all its rhythm and a lovely breeze wafting all over the wonderful Park. Since being a holiday, many people could be seen sitting on the green grass having a lovely and stress-free time.

One Sunday as they both were sitting on the bench watching the pigeons eating their little seeds they happened to see an old man with tattered and torn clothes almost lying down tired and hungry and leaning on a pole with few knick-knacks that he possessed.   It looked as if he had not taken a bath for days and he had no other clothes but what he was wearing, looking very unhappy and dejected.

Judith and her father both noticed the old man and Judith with tears in her eyes and feeling so sad seeing this man, she said to her father, “Who is this man, daddy and why is he lying like this, does  he have no home and why is no one taking care of him. Can we do something for him? Let us go and ask him if he wants our help.”  Her father in a tender voice said, “Yes dear, of course, we will surely help him in the best possible way we can.”

Both of them approached the old man.  Judith’s father then said, “Sir, can we be of any help to you. Where are you staying and would you like us to give you some food to eat?” The old man had tears in his eyes and said in a broken voice, “Son, I am so glad that you have noticed me and have very kindly thought of helping me.  Yes, I have nowhere to go.  I have no home, no money and for days I have not eaten anything.  I would be very happy if you could help me.”

There was a quaint looking restaurant across the street from where they brought lot of food and water for the old man and Judith saw a lovely stall selling flowers.  She said to her father, “Father let me also buy a bouquet of flowers for him and I would love to see so much joy on his face.”  They did that and one can see Judith giving a bouquet of flowers to the old man in the picture and he feeling so happy by this simple Act of Kindness. Later the Father through his inquiries with agencies made arrangements of keeping him in an Old Age Home. The Old Man never forgot their generosity and empathy shown to him.

The beauty of Life does not depend on how happy you are, but on how happy you can make others feel by your simple Acts of Kindness. Both the Giver and the Receiver get so much happiness and joy in giving. Let us all give in Love and Kindness to the ones who require our help.