Profound facts of life………..

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-Nothing is permanent in this World of Illusion, not even our troubles or fears. Laugh and Be Merry and Be Cheerful at all times………!

-The most wanted day in our life is the day in which we have not laughed at all. Life is to enjoy with whatever you have with you, keep smiling and have a wonderful day full of laughter……….!

-If you ever feel stressed give yourself a break…enjoy some ice-cream/chocolates/candy/cake, Why? Because the spelling of STRESSED backwards is DESSERTS.  Therefore, simply enjoy your mouth-watering Desserts and not the Stress…………!

-One Good Friend is equal to ONE good medicine, likewise One good group is equal to one full medical store. Enjoy to the fullest with your friends and be with them in happiness and sadness. These moments do not come back…….!

-Stop thinking too much. Relax and calm down. It’s alright not to know the answers to everything in life.  Nothing great will happen. They will surely come to you when you least expect it……..!

-If you see the Shining Moon, you see the Beauty of God. If you see the Beaming Sun, you see the Power of God. If you see the Mirror, you see the Best Creation of God……….!

-Love is the greatest gift we can give and receive and most of all its comes free from our heart to the other…………….!

The profound fact of life is to Live for today and remain happy. Life is short, time is moving fast, there are no replays, no rewinds, so enjoy every moment as it comes…………….

82 thoughts on “Profound facts of life………..

  1. Right now I want a dessert. 😊great write up Kamal. Precious lines which we should remind ourselves everyday.

    Did you mean the most “wasted” day in our life…. a small typo there?


  2. The most favorite of all is… The day without laughter…. there is not even day in my life as a single I don’t laugh , even it is about myself and that’s often the case.. laughter is a healing source we are given without having to pay for it, yet we need to discover it. Thank you dear Kamal for your inspiring quotes.

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  3. Profound words, Kamal. Just profound! All we have is this moment and how many of us are not living that moment? Lately, some people when they interact with me just laugh right out loud and with great merriment. At first I was puzzled ….. but I think it is my own joy and light that results in their laughter. OH to hear people laugh ….. what a blessing!! xo

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  4. So true…..I start each day in prayer and asking to stay focused on the present, not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future…neither exist. All we have is the present moment!!


      1. You are always welcome Kamal 😊
        Last few days were slightly tensed as husband suddenly developed breathlessness. The problem is that good Pulmonologists are with covid patients in icu and rest are available with video consultation only. Somehow we found one and treatment started, so a bit relief.
        How is your son in law doing Kamal, hope all is well.


      2. Oh that is very sad to hear, Deeksha and yes all good drs are not available nowadays. My son in law’s mother and father came from hospital and are negative. My son in law and grandson will have to again do their covid after five days to rule out the disease. Take care and will pray for your husband, Deeksha. God bless 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      3. Good to hear that they are back at home. The way this pandemic is spreading, looks like we should keep ourselves under quarantine only. That’s the only escape. Hoping that this new year will be better than 2020.


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