Let us work towards the good of all………

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‘A 24-year old boy was looking out through a train’s window. All of a sudden out of sheer joy, he shouted, ‘Dad, dad, look, the trees are going behind; they are moving very fast. I am enjoying all this so much’, his dad simply stared at him with so much joyfulness and smiled, ‘Yes my son.’ A young couple seated nearby looked at the 24-year old and thought to themselves, he’s so grown up but look at him, so childish, he must have a mental disorder for his father not to be bothered at this stupid behavior. Suddenly, the young man exclaimed in awe once again; ‘Dad, look, the clouds are running with us. I too want to go and catch and play with the clouds.’

The couple could not resist and interrupted them and said to the old man, ‘Sir, why don’t you take your son to a good doctor may be to a psychiatrist?’ The old man smiled and said to them, ‘I just did. We are just coming from a doctor but not a psychiatrist; we have just been discharged from the hospital. You see, My son was blind by birth. He just got his eyesight today for the very first time. He insisted me to take him for a ride in a train as he loved seeing the nature and its scenic beauty which he could not all these years. His behavior may seem stupid and madness to you, but it’s more than a miracle to me. I as his father am feeling full of elation and joy to see my son seeing the wonders of our world after so many years.’ 

The young couple just sat down there, dumbfounded, completely lost for words. With a mixture of tears and shame in their eyes they apologized profoundly.

Everybody on earth has a story of their own to tell; let us not jump to any conclusions or sit in judgement about anyone’s private life. No one in their wildest dreams know where they are coming from or what they have to deal with. The truth behind their story might surprise you. Take it easy with others, even if you have a perfect life. Life is like a roller-coaster. Let us keep working towards the good of all. Have faith and hope and with love all will be overcome. Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know. Everything is Magical when you see it with your Beautiful and Caring Heart.

91 thoughts on “Let us work towards the good of all………

  1. Great story with great aim. Yes Kamal we some times hurry to judge others only by appearance.. We May Not KNOW the background of the life of other people.. So we have to be more Merciful in our look. Keep writing dear friend 😊💚☘️

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  2. Such a beautiful Story with a profound message, So many stories and we should count our blessings as there are so many other shoes/stories we could have walked in… I give thanks for the shoes I now wear, and for the road they have travelled, and for the footsteps I have yet to take..
    Much love your way Kamal.. ❤

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  3. Kamal, this is a profound message not to judge other’s, when someone doesn’t know the background of the other one. How beautifully described the experience of that boy to discovering for the first time his new gained eyesight, there is a lot to learn just from that. Have a great inspiring week.

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  4. perfect post. Thanks for sharing….love it and it is so true and we are all guilty at some time or the other. But, being aware that we all do this (verbally or mentally), is half the battle to correct it


  5. This is so true, Kamal, especially with social media. People only see what a person wants them to see and those are all the good things. People generally don’t put the negatives in their lives on social media so an idyllic looking life may not be so.


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