Just Checking Today……..

A priest passing thru his church in the middle of the day decided to pause by the altar to see who came to pray. Just then the back door opened, and a man came down the aisle. The Priest frowned as he saw the man had not shaved in a while.  His shirt was torn and shabby, and his coat was worn and frayed. The man knelt down and bowed his head, then rose and walked away.

In the days followed at precisely noon, the Priest saw this chap, each time he knelt just for a moment, a lunch pail in his lap. Well, the Priest’s suspicions grew, with robbery a main fear. He decided to stop and ask the man, ‘What are you doing here?’ The old man said he was a factory worker and lunch was half an hour. Lunchtime was his prayer time, for finding strength and power. I stay only a moment because the factory’s far away; as I kneel here talking to the Lord, this is kind of what I say: ‘I Just came by to tell you, Lord, how happy I have been, since we found each other’s friendship and you took away my sin. Don’t know much of how to pray, but I think about you Every day. So, Jesus, this is Ben, Just Checking in Today.’

The Priest feeling foolish, told Ben that it was fine. He told the man that he was welcome to pray there anytime. ‘It’s time to go, and thanks,’ Ben said as he hurried to the door.  Then the Priest knelt there at the altar, which he’d never done before. His heart melted, warmed with love, as he met with Jesus there. As the tears flowed down his cheeks, He too repeated old Ben’s prayer which he had never done.

Past noon one day, the Priest noticed that old Ben had not come. As more days passed and still no Ben, he began to worry some. At the factory, he asked about him, learning he was ill. The hospital staff was worried, but he’d given them a thrill.  The week that Ben was with them, brought changes in the ward. His smiles and joys were contagious and changing people were his reward. He wanted them to be cheerful and happy at all times.

The head nurse could not understand why Ben could be so glad, when no flowers, calls or cards came, not a visitor he had. The Priest stayed by his bed, He voiced the nurse’s concern: No friends had come to show they cared. He had nowhere to turn. Looking surprised, old Ben spoke up and with a winsome smile: ‘The nurse is wrong, she couldn’t know, ‘He’s been here all the while.’ Every day at noon He comes here, a dear friend of mine, you see, He sits right down and takes my hand, leans over and says to me: ‘I just came by to tell you, Ben, how happy I have been, since we found this friendship, and I took away your sin. I think about you always, and I love to hear you pray, and so Ben, this is Jesus, Just Checking in Today.

If this blesses you, pass it on. Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. May God hold you in the palm of His hand and His Angels watch over you………


140 thoughts on “Just Checking Today……..

    1. Thanks for the wonderful feedback dear Krishnapriya and yes this story is absolutely true. He considered Jesus as his friend and not a moment went when he was not thanking his God. We need to have complete faith like Ben in our God who is in all of us whether he came as Jesus or Krishna, or Buddha and having his grace on us. Welcome always. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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    1. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your words Indira. Our God has been simply given names and religions to suit us otherwise He is Oneness in all of us. We all r wanting peace and happiness that is who we really r. Thanks for the beautiful comment. Merry Christmas to you and your family dear.


    1. Yes hope we all could be like this Ben in this inspiring story of his utmost faith in Jesus and the Lord being with him all the time with his friend. Thanks for the beautiful comment Brad and yes we all must spread kindness every where we go. Happy holidays to you and merry Christmas to you and your family too.

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    1. Yes absolutely true Amira and the priest was humbled by the poor man. These stories are so inspiring and speak from the heart how one must have utter faith in the Lord who is our friend and constant companion. Thanks for the beautiful comment dear Amira.


    1. Thanks dear Zaza and for sure he was the person trying to show us how to trust and faith in our Lord who is our constant companion and friend the way Ben had, Zaza. Once we surrender he simply takes us with him everywhere. This story showed us his love for all of us. Thanks so much for your beautiful comment.

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      1. perfect idea… let’s compose for the first week in January and you begin the first line, Amira is ready for the second line, I will complete the last…Haiku…5/7/5 syllables each line, yea!


      2. Kamal, I had written down your original thoughts for our community Haiku and this came to mind:
        A fresh start draws up
        for a splendorous new year
        with mystical love!
        What do you think? Can edit and we can ask Amira to provide appropriate image and I will post it??
        Let’s discuss.


      3. K for sure we can do that, Zaza and I can like to edit say if we put: ‘A fresh start dawns upon the horizon’s mist, for a splendorous New Year , spreading love in mystical embraces’. Amira too can edit or add what she would feel appropriate, Zaza. Now you can show it Amira too and then make a wonderful post for a great year ahead.

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      4. Can you edit the first line remembering to use 5/7/7 syllables for each line? Amira, can you do same for middle line? I will complete the last line, then I can post for Thursday?


    1. Yes absolutely true Amira our prayers need to come from the heart no matter how simple they are cause God does not want to hear bombastic words but simple cause He is Simple and Love eternal. Thank you so much dear friend for your reblogging. Love and light to you dear.


    1. I am feeling so happy with your words dear Jonathan. This story shows us how we need to be firmly in love and trusting our Lord and he is always there with us as our friend and constant companion. He has never left us instead we with all our nonsense have left him. He is pure Love. Thank you so much and it would be a pleasure to reblog. Love and light to you.

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  1. Great story, my dear Kamal – the real friend or father who is not leaving even when we have to leave the body some day, is always with us. When we think of Him, He is there, when we do not think of Him, away He is…

    Love and light to you, my dear friend Kamal 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much dear Didi for your true feedback and yes this story tells us how we need to with faith and trust believe in the Oneness of the Lord who is always there with us as our friend and constant companion. He has never left and will never will. We have to surrender our all. He knows what he is doing. Love and light to you too my friend. Have a great day.

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      1. My dear Kamal – I fully agree with your words – first we need to develop yearning for our Father of Oneness, then receptivity we are going to develop (one third we can get from holy books, 2 more thirds by means of receptivity) and finally we surrender to Him entirely with our body, mind, intellect and soul.

        Hugs to you as well as love and light


    1. Yes of course dear Tanvir, God is not fearful he is simply Love and Pure Love. All our human nonsense that we make him a Devil and a Saint too. He is only Love and yes this story tells us that if we have trust and faith in our God he is always there as our friend and constant companion. Thank you so much for your kind words. Merry Christmas to you and your family dear.

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      1. Absolutely 🙂 I remember this story of a man who had a dream about scenes from his life. There were always two sets of footprints, his and the Lord. But he was quite bothered when he noticed only one set of footprints in the darkest days of his life. When he questions the Lord, the Lord smiled and replied that He was always with him and in his darkest days the footprints were that of the Lord for He was carrying the man. 🙂


      2. Yes yes I have that story with me and it is awesome. There are so many stories to tell us what are true nature is and that we have never been separated from God but u know how we are humans living in a world of illusion so these stories and other motivating books and speakers tell us who we truly are. Thanks Parikhit. You must keep this story on your blog it is beautiful.

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