Festive Season……….

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On the cold spread of the winter season

Everywhere you go

Snows are deep and sparkling

Do remember to leave

A warm trace of kindness and hugs

And a happy grin on every lip

Let your hearts be carried away

Christmas is around the corner

Celebrations are in full swing

Trees are a glowing and blushing

Firesides crackling with warmth

Crystal glasses of Wines in beautiful hands

Folks dressed in their best fashions

Singing carols, dancing to the jingles

Festive season of love and light

Is here to stay for many a night

From within the silvery blue clouds

Santa waving his gorgeous wand

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Riding high with his reindeer friends

Bells of joy rejoicing in the air

Come my dearies and lovelies

I have gifts and goodies, For one and all………

Image result for images of festive season

49 thoughts on “Festive Season……….

  1. My dear Kamal,

    Packed are your words
    Coloured in sweet clothes
    Rising from your heart
    Vibrating voices
    Far and wide
    To go on
    A Christmas ride
    Describing glitter and glamour
    In towns and living rooms
    Harmonic spheres
    From heart to heart
    Eyes to eyes
    To give birth
    For friendly smiles
    Allowing for a sunshine
    Of peace and harmony
    To feel the Xmas time
    For love to be

    Thanks my dear Kamal 🙂 Only the wine, for me personally, I would leave aside and drink the wine of happiness (no alcohol), inner toxication, ambrosia, amrit – water of life…

    Merry Christmas, my dear friend 🙂
    Warm hugs


    1. Yes, yes of course dear friend Zaza and ALL are reborn in Him only. There is no one besides Him in this entire creation and He playing different roles in all of us. So why are we searching for our Lord outside when He is Us. Love and Hugs to you and Merry Christmas to you and your Family dear Zaza.

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