Oh! Beautiful Soul……..

Oh! Beautiful Soul is a Poem written by Rumi and it goes like this:


Oh! Beautiful Soul

You worry too much

You fear too easily

Upon the scars of misfortunes

You have seen your own strength

You have seen your own beauty

You have seen your golden wings

Fly to heavens mystical glory

Then why do you worry?

Why do you fret and fume?

Oh! Beautiful Soul

Why are you knocking

At every other door?

Go, knock at the door

Of your own heart

You are in truth

The ethereal, the charming

The soul, of the soul, of the soul……………..




70 thoughts on “Oh! Beautiful Soul……..

  1. First of, I praise Runo for creating such an amazing imagery…

    Secondly, I thank you for sharing the beautiful inspirational poem ….

    “why worry”…. There is more to life than fret and fumes.

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  2. Dear friend,

    …and our poor soul is covered in blankets preventing its light to come out – with the blanket of the pyhsical mind, the astral mind, the causal mind and the super-causal mind – in the 5th region, called Sach Khand, there the soul enfolds its light where there is no more matter that surrounds the soul, the pure spirit and from where it can migrate step by step to its eternal home – via the planes of Alakh, Agam to Anamito the 8th region, our real HOME –
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem written by your heart

    All the best my friend

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      1. Yes, Rumi follows the same universal teaching as all competent Masters have done: Surat Shabd Yoga or the Sound and Light principal which embedded in the whole creation and which each of us has hidden inside – however to reach this inner sound and light we have to live an ethical life, following the footprints of the competent Masters who all gave an example with their own life how to live and solve the mystery of life and death.

        Thank you so much, dear friend

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