Judge Not others for things we know Not……………


A girl by name Dina went to school in the neighbouring village where she was not known well by many folks in her village as she and her mom had shifted from another village and they were quite new here.  She was enrolled in a school and for almost three weeks, she came to school late and every time the teacher punished her never asking her what was the reason.

On the fourth week, Dina did not attend school at all and many thought she had GIVEN UP on school due to the everyday punishment. However, Dina reported again on the fifth week and this time she came earlier than everybody.  When the teacher came to class, Dina was punished for not attending school the previous week but the teacher was also kind enough to commend her for coming early that day, stating that the punishments had finally yielded some positive results.

Just then Dina asked if she could say something and the teacher gave her permission. She said, ‘I have been raised up by a single mother without a brother and a sister. Five weeks ago, my mother fell ill and was hospitalized. The three weeks I came late, I had to prepare something for her every morning and pass by the hospital to deliver the same. Unfortunately, my mother passed away last week and that is the reason I did not come to school. We buried her last Friday. Today I came early since I did not have to prepare anything or even pass by the hospital. And now that she is gone, I will always be here early.’

And then she sat down, no one in the whole class was able to hold their tears, the teacher was not spared either.  From this heart touching story we get to learn that how many times do we judge others for things we know not?  We ask so many unwanted questions that are simply not required and do we ever attempt to understand their situation or we just judge from the case scenarios.

Some situations are not relative and what we think could be very far from the truth. Don’t assume you know what others go through or that people move in the same pace or direction as you.  Life is far from that: Just be kind enough to love one another, take time and kindly find out why your friend is not calling you, why your messages are not being replied promptly, why someone is missing in our midst as a colleague, friend, brother or sister even why someone is always late. Be kind, always and be nice to others, who knows what will happen to us too.

Life is beautiful, simple and enjoy it to its fullest. Do not waste it. Embrace and Love Life…………




79 thoughts on “Judge Not others for things we know Not……………

      1. hmmm, and why she inform the teacher after her mother died even though the teacher never asked her and she have all the opportunity to earn the respect of teachers by coming to the class on time in future.

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  1. A beautiful heart touching story and truly with a very genuine lesson taught. We come to presumptions too soon without knowing the whole story and even there is rule in business too that pre assumptions are harmful so don’t come to conclusions without have full information!!
    Wonderful story shared Kamal

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  2. Many years ago an employee & I were scheduled to do a home inspection at 8:00 about 45 miles away. We got there a few minutes early. No one else showed up. Since it was so far away, we waited……. and waited……. and waited……. and waited. No call, no text, no email. Nothing from the buyers, sellers, or Realtors. We finally gave up.

    Late that evening I got a call from the buyers. They had been with the Realtor in her car when they were involved in a major crash. The Realtor was life-flighted to the hospital due to rush-hour traffic pretty much blocking the freeways and roads. The buyers had gone with her. The Realtor recovered and we did the inspection a couple of weeks later with one of the Realtor’s associates.

    I learned, though, that even in this age of instant communication, sometimes communication isn’t the first thing on one’s mind. After that, I always told my employees, “Don’t presume to know what’s going on with a person unless you are intimately intimate with that person.”

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