Magical Moments of Beauty…………..

Creating Beauty in Illinois - FineGardening

Once I see the magical moments

Of beauty and splendor in their glory

In the tiny dewdrops and bluebells

In the daffodils dancing gaily

I feel like cupping them in my tender hands

And kissing one by one so tenderly

They seem to be winking at me

And calling me ever gently

“Come my Friend into our fold

We will love you beyond the stars”

I see Tiny Fairies in their pretty pinks

Sashing and flitting from tree to tree

Unfurling petals of loveliness

With their charming hearts

Birds singing sweet songs of melody

Only love can bring joy, cheerfulness

On each and every beautiful lip

Being present is the only way

To live these truly magical moments

The path is soothing under my foot

I feel in Oneness with the beauty surrounding me

I am enjoying my moments of Bliss to the fullest……………

93 thoughts on “Magical Moments of Beauty…………..

  1. It was a lovely cheerful to be with your poem line after line, and the end felt my heart filled with peace 🙂 what a beautiful poem bringing the experience of nature alive in me 💛✨


  2. you have achieved the inner balance that brings bliss to everything, a deep peace of mind; a solace those who don’t know, or fail to make the effort will never achieve!

    Thanks for your bountiful poetry, and thanks for sharing that balance and bliss!


  3. Great poem indeed.. The nature is singing a beautiful song of beauty and oneness.. Let’s enjoy it and learn Wisdom from the harmony of its compenents Inspite of the different colors and shapes.. But beauty and joy reflects a whole divine unity..
    Keep giving dear friend..
    Your poems are awesom.. 🙏🌷


  4. nice posting of such great poetry; coupled with the picture and reality of beautiful creation, the post is radiantly inspiring beyond description, especially when I think of the unseen Creator and His unseen nature spirits at the background of such wondrous beauty


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