Tiny Happy Things that Please Me……..

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Sunshine streaming thru my Window

Skies a clear blue tint

Cool breeze is in the air

Singing along with the Radio

The first sip of hot coffee

Fried eggs sunny side up

Hot buns, dollops of butter

Talking to my tweeting sparrows

Enjoying this moment of bliss

Starting to read a book I love

Feeling of joy caring for my petite garden

A beautiful text from a friend

“You are my heart song

I sing night and day for you”

Makes me love him more and more

Evening time is a long walk

With friends along the promenade

Late night snacks and soft music

Fluffy blankets just out of the dryer

Split second of gratitude

“Thank You, God for a Wonderful day”

With a loving smile on my face

I am of to bed under my duvet

These are the tiny happy things

That pleases me a lot………………..

93 thoughts on “Tiny Happy Things that Please Me……..

  1. How beautiful!!!
    It is the power of gratitude that makes life beautiful.. When we appreciate every gift tiny Or big.. It is the true way for healing.. Keep giving dear Kamal.. Your words are awesom💐💐💐💐💐

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  2. I feel so blessed reading your poem while sipping on my coffee that was lovingly made for me by my husband – it is so beautiful and important to be reminded that these simple moments are actually a significant gift of life. Your poem is so beautiful with all the instances of joy available for us, only if we are willing to receive with gratitude.

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  3. Kamal, every line of your poem is a joy to read. Yet those little things mean a lot to appreciate, often when I am taking a hot shower, my mind goes to gratefulness that I have the luxury of having a hot shower, thinking of so many people who don’t have that. It seems little things but in broader perspective it is not. Thank you Kamal

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    1. Oh wow that is good to hear, Bella. Must have tasted very well. Yes it is in little things that we get happiness and harmony in our lives. Bella wanted to say a big thank you for your profound videos on Release the Wings. I am seeing everyday three to four of their videos and even listening to Shireen talking with the interviewer. I feel so nice and at peace within. Love and light to you dear 💓💓💓💓💓

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