An Act of Kindness………

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One day Susan went to the ATM at her bank to withdraw some cash.  When she put her card in the machine, she realized that someone had left a large amount of cash in the machine. It was $500! She immediately took the money inside and handed it to the Manager.  The Manager then asked her, “Ma’am what do you expect me to do with it?”  She told him to find out who was at the ATM before her so he could return it to that person’s account.  She then left the bank, satisfied that she had done all that she could.

The next day she received a phone call from the Bank Manager.  He had found the owner of the money, and he had a surprise for her.  It was 92-year-old Edith who had taken out the money to pay her rent.  But after she took her receipt, she forgot to take the cash out of the ATM.  Her rent came to $480 and so as a thank you she wanted her to have the rest.  It turned out though, that $20 was all she had for the rest of the month to live on.  Listening to the conversation, Susan refused to take the money that the lady had offered her.

Susan could not stop thinking about Edith and her vulnerability, though.  She thought to herself, “How poor she must be, but how generous at the same time!” Finally, she decided to call the Bank Manager back.  She told him to transfer $200 from her account into Edith’s account.  Another bank employee overheard her request and decided to chip in another $100.  A little while later, she received another phone call from the bank.  The staff of the bank had pulled together and come up with another $300 for Edith.

Susan could not believe what had transpired.  How wonderful. She was feeling so happy.  Her one act of honesty inspired an incredible act of generosity for one little old lady and that generosity snowballed into more and more generous donations in return.  It does not matter how much we have to give; however big or small, true generosity always returns positivity in our lives. Give with your whole-self, Love with your whole-heart, and your life will be full of happiness.

One small step, one small act of kindness will create a ripple.  You may not always see its effect from the middle of the pond, but it is always there. Drop some Laughter, some Love or some Compassion into the water and see what happens.


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