A Deck of Cards………


Sauvé, charismatic, a ferocious lion

Stylish, cool and flamboyant

A cigar in his mouth

Handsome to his shoe laces

Sensuous and chic looking girls

With low cuts and fitting gowns

Flaunting their erotic beauty by his side 

A devilish fiend with a deck of cards

A smooth player, a trickster for sure

He knew how to attract big fish

Who did not care a damn

A few hands he made them play

To keep them coming for more

In the end it was only Him

Who knew how to pull out Aces

With a finesse at his fingertips

A King of Aces at his own Table

Recklessly He won them all………………….


47 thoughts on “A Deck of Cards………

      1. Have u ever seen a casino where you see these type of men with women hanging around them like dolls so I made this poem on this sexy guy who knows how to attract these rich people to his table. All this they show in English movies so my dear thought of a poem

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