Various Awards on BB Blog………

picmystery-awardlovely-blog-awardthe-sunshine-blogger-awardvaliant award.pngHello Friends today I am feeling overwhelmed and on top of the world and so happy and blessed for being nominated for all these awesome Awards by eleven wonderful blogger friends.  I would love it if you all could visit their blogs and have a look at the amazing work that they put up.  A little about all these bloggers:

1. Artist by Beauty: She is a wonderful blogger and her main hobby is making a weekly diary post every Sunday for this year 2017.  Her idea of doing this is to keep her motivated and on track with all her goals that she has laid down for this year.  She is a very versatile person and very artistic too.

2. Dinosaurdonkeys&MS: She is a lovely person and loves spending time imagining she is in a fantasy land with dragons.  She started blogging by way of connecting with people, an outlet for her thoughts and hopefully to eventually help people.  She is basically a happy go lucky person and a big believer in healthy type and make simple recipes that are yummy to eat.

3. Words & Tonic: She is a great writer and has fantastic memory.  She wants to fulfil her dreams of becoming a crazy cat lady and loves reading books and what motivates her is knowing that she has a chance to help others and gets her inspiration from anyone who challenges her to be the best of herself.

4. Robbiesinspiration: Robbie and his friend Michael have great ideas on writing and baking. Their series of books about Sir Chocolate includes both of these themes as the Sir Chocolate series of books and poetries.  He makes different fondant creatures and other items of interest.

5. The happylife 101 by Nina: She believes in Living in the moment with a grateful heart and that is what she is doing with her blog.  She is planting life seeds of relationships, inspirations, life and wellness and positive thinking.  Her beautiful message is ‘Some people would see our life as a book and we are the authors’.

6. Stickynotequotes by Allen R. Kive: They are all collections of his random thoughts and contemplations.  Allen is currently a freshman in college and loving it.  He is also a great foodie and is a very humble person and he loves posting inspiring sticky notes for all our readers.

7. Ashantichannel: She is a young beautiful girl finding herself and learning who she is and trying to find her purpose and break barriers that society has created.  She is here to help heal what society has broken in all of us and in her too.  We are all on this beautiful journey learning to love ourselves.

8. Jirah Merizz: Jirah lives in Philippines with her family.  She is a great reader and started from a very young age.  Since she has started writing, journalizing and sharing ideas with others she has decided to make a blog.  Other than writing she loves being outdoors and loves to be where the sun is shining bright.

9. Alalyak Essencentral: One of her hobbies is photography and she started blogging cause she felt she needed a place to put all her thoughts and ideas and felt a calling to share her tidbits in her journey as well as thru her work as a life coach.  Her goal in life is to leave a lasting and loving impression on everyone.

10. Purpleorangesite: An ardent lover of coffee and reading.  As a blogger has given into an immense pleasure to write something fantastic.  A person of words and actions who also believes in a little bit of magic and loves taking risks in life. 

11. Simplisticinsights: Most valuable possession for her is time that one can never get back.  She always tries her best in everything that she does no matter what.  She likes to do meditation that gives her a balance in life and believes that everyone and anyone can achieve all their deepest desires but it has start with ourselves first.

Thank you friends once again and I would not like to go by the Rules of this Award. WordPress for me is a platform where I have come across beautiful people who have inspired me so much with their wonderful work of art in all kinds of genres. Spreading Love and Happiness is the Key to living a wonderful Life which is so beautiful and awesome and this I will always love to do in my stories and poems.

Stay Blessed in His Love. Don’t Worry, Be Happy. 



76 thoughts on “Various Awards on BB Blog………

  1. How wonderful, Kamal – and well deserved. What a loving way to handle it, too. I enjoyed reading about the blogs you read. (and those who read yours). Thank you for adding that.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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      1. I get sufficient sleep – very important for all. My sleep times are simply not the “regular” ones that others seem to be able to manage (and believe it would be an equally simple matter for all if they’d only “go to bed at a decent hour.”) Not so in the sleep disorders community – especially with sleep TIMING disorders. We all do the best we can with what we have been given.

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  2. Congrats on all the awards Kamal 🙂 🙂 So proud of you, you deserve them! Sorry this is a late reply (studying is kind of taking over my life at the moment lol). Keep up the great work and keep being the amazing person you are. Have a great day x x

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