A Shining Star……..

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I’m a bright shining star

With A twinkle in my starry eyes

Heaven’s abode is my playground

Where I play with my charming friends

Forming circles and chains of glowing light

Throwing glimpses of sparkling smiles

From wonderful clear nocturnal skies

Look up dear and see me for who I really am

Who brightens up your dazzling nights?

Wherever you are, I’m there as your guide

I’m there in the sunshine, that warms you everyday

I’m there in the moonlight, that light’s your way

My light is continuously shining bright

Spreading brilliance wherever I set forth

Am delighted to be your trusted aide…………..



97 thoughts on “A Shining Star……..

    1. Thanks so, so much dear Meenakshi, I feel so touched by your lovely comments and when u too are a great poet. You know even I read my own poem at three to four times cause even I found it so beautifully worded and all from the stars ✨ perspective. Thanks dear, have a nice day.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      1. No, not yet! I need to write it, I was facing a writer’s block, well. It happened because I am trying to be perfect, even though I hate perfect, still I am not writing because I dear what I will write will come out rubbish!!!

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      2. Did I tell you that the few of the great poets who had the magic of words in their hands, did not use rhymes?
        Poem is not about rhyme, I think. It has a deep meaning in it, and truly I love what you wrote!
        It was not kk, but it was too good! 😊

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      3. Hahahaha can I say one thing u r worrying too much how to write and that is why nothing is coming out from your brains, one nice way is to simply quieten your thoughts be a friend to it don’t resist tell your thoughts I am your friend come have tea and biscuits and make them sit quietly and then tell your inner self come dear help me and only u can and then just see, give it a shot.

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      4. Can I say one thing?
        This is the most cutest advice I’ve received from a friend, haha…
        Thank you so much Di!!!
        Will surely calm my inner self, and then we will have a tea party. And then finally, writing….

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      5. Yes yes cause I read in a book that this person too was stuck up and he was a great writer and a motivational guy but come on he to is a human being and got completely stuck up and did not know what to write so he did like how I told u and he could write awesomely and he too was surprised. Even now I will write a poem on thoughts and invite them for tea what say dear Harsh, 😉😉😉😉😉😉


      6. I have come early home so am sitting on WordPress and watching posts and replying too and now in sometime will eat dinner and then watch a murder mystery on to at 9.00 then little bit big boss then sleeping time.


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