Be That One Today………..

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One gifted tree can start a gigantic forest

One sparkling smile can bring a friendship to blossom

One helpful hand can lift a soul out of misery

One constructive word can frame the goal of life

One candle lit with an intent can wipe out darkness

One uproarious laughter can conquer gloom

One gentle touch can show you care

One look of compassion can relax the weary traveler

One loving gesture can work wonders

One honest deed can dissolve years of mistrust

One life can make a difference to someone

Every morning starts a new page in our story. Can we make it a great one today?


78 thoughts on “Be That One Today………..

    1. Hey Tanya thank you so much for your positive words and yes I too love optimism and that is why try writing my posts with a lot of inspiration, positivity and happiness so that can bring a little bit of all this to the bloggers and why sulk and be negative when our life is so beautiful and He is always there with us.

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  1. Yes, we can make every new page full of new interesting things and creativity that surely make a difference. Indeed this is very lovely piece and your words are ‘always’ ‘always’ beautiful. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ’Ž


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