You never know what life has planned for You……….

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-When I got enough confidence, the stage was gone. I was left devastated and could not get my bearings back.

-When I was badly wanting security, I did not have a roof over me. I was left abandoned and lonely. I had to move on.

-When I wanted to end my life, I found a smiling friend. He or she very kindly and graciously gave me immense love and happiness.

-When I was sure of losing, I won. I felt on top of the world. Never knew I  had such great qualities.

-When I needed people the most, they left me. I did not know who to turn to but I loved being in myself and enjoy life to the fullest.

-When I learnt to dry my tears, I found a shoulder to cry on. Friends came by the dozens and showered me with joy and gaiety.

-When I mastered the skill of hating, someone started loving me from the core of the heart and we started a beautiful relationship that I will never forget. 

That’s LIFE!!  No matter what you plan, you never know what life has planned for you.  Often when we lose Hope and think this is the end, God smiles from above and says, ‘Relax, sweetheart; it’s just a bend, not the end…..!  Have a wonderful day. Be cheerful. Life is a circle, what goes around comes around either in this life or the next, so watch your steps, check what you are doing is right or wrong and most important of all, check are you hurting another soul or not. 


One Seed that will Grow with Patience…………..

Once there was a man who did not make it to university. He could not study further.  So, his mother got him a wife.  After the marriage, he worked as a teacher in a primary school.  Due to the lack of experience, he was squashed by the students in less than a week.  When he returned home, his wife dried his tears.  She comforted him with these words.  ‘When one is too full, he could either pour it out what’s in him or he just could not pour it out at all.  You should not be too sad about it.  Probably there is a more suitable job waiting for you out there.’

Later on, he found another job and not for so long, he was fired again due to his slowness.  This time, the wife commented. ‘There are always people who are skillful and non-skillful.  Some have experience from their years of work.  As for you, you were in school all this while. So, how could you acquire these needed skills?’  He went for a number of jobs but never stayed long in those jobs. Each time, he would return home with a dejected spirit.  His wife would always comfort him and never for once, she was disappointed or resentful.

He was in his thirties when he acquired a flair in languages.  He became a counsellor in a school for the deaf and mute.  Later on, he opened a school for the disabled.  A few years later, he set up chain stores in different cities and provinces selling apparatus and equipment for the disabled.  He became a multi-millionaire.

One day he asked his wife, ‘When I was looking bleak at my own future, what’s the reason that you have so much faith in me?’  His wife gave him a very simple reply.  She said, ‘When a piece of land is not suitable for planting wheat, we could try planting beans.  If the beans are not growing well, we could try planting fruits or gourds.  If the vegetation is not economical, we can instead scatter buckwheat seeds. These seeds will one day bloom into flowers. On this land itself, there will be one seed that will germinate and grow.’

After having listened to the wife’s explanation, he cried like a small baby. His wife’s faith, love, patience and persistence in him is likened to the one seed in the land. This is the seed that persists and never weakens, no matter what and creates the miracle on this piece of land.  In this world, there is not a single human being who is useless and not worth living.  It is just that they have not positioned themselves firmly in right places at the right time. Kind and gentle words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Live simply, Love tenderly and Enjoy Life.

A Beautiful Irish Friendship Wish……….

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A Beautiful Irish poem for friends and their lasting friendship:

May there always be work for your hands to do;

May your purse always hold a coin or two;

May the sun always shine on your windowpane;

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;

May the birds sing a song of melodies; 

May we all dance upon the blues;

May love overflow like a cup of wine;

May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

May the hand of a friend always be near you;

May your relationship blossom forever;

And May you be in heaven a half hour early

Before the devil knows you are dead…………..

Children are so Innocent…….

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-‘Thank You for the baby brother, but I think you got confused because what I prayed for was a puppy.’

-‘I want to be just like my Daddy when I get big, but not with so much hair all over.’

‘I think about You sometimes, even when I am not praying.’

-‘We read Thomas Edison made light. But in Sunday school they said You did it. So, I bet he stole Your idea.

-‘Please send a new baby for Mommy. The baby you sent last week cries too much and I can’t seem to be sleeping at all.’

-‘Could you please give my brother some brains? I think he has lost it somewhere. So far he doesn’t have any.’

-‘Thank you for the nice day today. You even fooled the TV weather man.’

-‘Please help me in school. I need help in spelling, adding, history, geography and writing. I do not need help in anything else.

-‘I did not think orange went with purple until I saw the sunset, You made on Tuesday. That was cool.’

-‘Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones, why don’t You keep the ones You have already made.’

How to Empty & Free the Mind…………

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A nice story told my the great Adi Shankaracharya, teaching his students how to empty and free their minds:

‘One fine day, Adi Shankara was walking through the market place with his disciples. They saw a man dragging a cow by a rope. Shankara told the man to wait and asked his disciples to surround them. ‘I am going to teach you something which is of great value’ and he further continued, ‘tell me who is bound to whom? Is the cow bound to this man or the man is bound to the cow?’

The disciples said without hesitation ‘Of course the cow is bound to the man! The man is their master because he is holding the rope. The cow has to follow him wherever he goes. The cow is his slave.’

‘Now watch this,’ said Shankara and took a pair of scissors from his bag and cut the rope. The cow ran away from the master and the man started running after his cow, ‘Look, what is happening now,’ said he, ‘Do you see who the Master is? The cow is not at all interested in this man. The cow in fact, is trying to escape from this man. 

This is the case with our MIND. Like the cow, all the nonsense that we carry inside our minds like anger, jealousy, hate, fear etc., is not interested in us. WE ARE INTERESTED IN IT; we are keeping it together for years and not wanting to EMPTY AND FREE OUR MINDS. We do not want to release the grip and instead our mind wants to further entangle us and feel overjoyed. The moment we lose interest in all this garbage that has completely filled our thoughts, we will understand the futility of it and it will start to disappear. Like a cow, it will escape and disappear and run to safety.’

Feeling Free and Relaxed is a Choice why not take that Choice and enjoy the beautiful life that is given to us in all her blossoms. An Empty Mind is a Blissful State. 

Live Simply, Love Beautifully and Enjoy Life……………

Freshness of a New Year…….

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As the sun sets on a wonderful year 2018

The freshness of a New Year welcomes us

With warmth and open arms

Beholding hearts with love and joy

So many beautiful reasons to be happy

Staying hopeful and pleasant every moment

Let us all fly together with the wind

Sing and dance in ONENESS all year round

Let His grace of Love and Kindness

Shower us in mystical embraces

Enveloping us in scented fragrances

Dear friends, let’s all work selflessly

Towards a common cause

To save our Beautiful Mother Earth

With love and truth beneath our wings

Be it art, science and beauty

May the world realize the highest

Aspect of Divinity more and more

Wish you all the Luck in the year 2019……………………

A Little Laughter to End this Year……….

A little Laughter, a true motivation to end this Year 2018 and kick start a New Year 2019 with more Laughter and Happiness. Friends laughter jokes from me to you. Hope you all had a Great Year 2018. Enjoy these fun loving jokes:

  • Arnold and Tom both have fallen in love with Sandra and express their desire to marry her. She is totally confused. She goes to an astrologer and asks him, ‘Arnold and Tom are both in love with me, please tell me who will be the lucky one?’ The wise astrologer says: “Arnold will be the Lucky One because Tom will marry you.
  • A nun walks into a liquor store and asks for a half whiskey. The shopkeeper looks at her inquisitively, she adds, ‘It’s for Mother Superior’s constipation.’ So the shopkeeper says, ‘OK’. She pays for the whiskey and leaves. Two hours later, the shopkeeper closes the store and walks home through a park.  He spots the same nun in the park sitting on a bench and she is roaring drunk.Shame on you, Sister,’ he says, ‘I thought that whiskey was for Mother Superior’s constipation.’ ‘It is’, she slurs, ‘When she sees me drunk, she will shit in her pants.’
  • After returning home from their honeymoon, the husband notices a photo of a man on his new wife’s bedside table. At first, he really doesn’t give it much thought. But after a month or so he begins to stress about it. It was causing him so much anxiety that he finally decides to ask about it. ‘Is this your ex-husband? He nervously asks. ‘No silly,’ she replies, snuggling up to him. ‘Another boyfriend, then? He continues. ‘No, not at all,’ she says, nibbling away at his ear. ‘Is it your dad or your brother?’ he inquires, hoping to be reassured.  ‘No, no, no,’ she answers. ‘Well who in the heck is he, then?’ he demands. ‘That’s me before the surgery.” The poor husband faints.

-Best Dad Contest: A school held a contest for all the kids. The theme for the contest was ‘Bravest Thing Dad did for Me.’. Most of the children expressed their emotions nicely but the award winning answer will really bring a smile on your face. In his answer, the small kid wrote, ‘Bravest Thing My Dad did for me was ‘He Married my MOM.’