Finding Someone Special…………

Someone who is not afraid to admit that they miss you and would not hesitate to kiss and hug you in public places making you feel on top of the world.

Someone who knows that you are not perfect and is full of weaknesses and differences but yet treats you as if you are somebody special and makes you laugh tears of joy.

Someone who’s biggest fear is losing you, but who gives their heart and soul completely to you and loves you unconditionally. Your heart will beat more rapidly and you will smile for no reason at all.

Someone who says I love you to smithereens, means it and keeps it everlastingly, loving you till the end. Anyone can speak your name, but only that one special person can make it sound like music.

Someone who would not mind waking up with you in the morning, seeing your wrinkles, gray hair but still falls deeply in love with you all over again and rejoices in your embraces.

Someone who drinks with your sorrows, laughs it off, avoids the drama, takes chances with you and never has regrets as nothing lasts forever. 

In life you will realize that there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you and some will teach you lessons that are of immense value to you.  But the ones that are important are the ones who bring out the best in you. 

Caring and sharing conveys the affection and love that someone special is there for you. They are the rare ones and remarkable people who remind you why it’s worth having a friend like you. They would never ever want to lose you at any cost. Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. Love Life and love the ones around you. 

Be Jolly and Fancy Free…………

Be jolly and fancy free

Go for an early morning walk

Get some fresh air, try to smile like crazy

Say something kind and exchange pleasantries

To a safe-looking stranger, if one happens by

Always exercise your heart’s knowing

Along this beautiful path

Take your spouse or lover into your arms

The way you did when you first met

Let tenderness pour from your soft eyes

The way the Sun gazes warmly on the earth

Play a game of fun with small toddlers

Extend your warmth and hugs to a friend

Sing a few jingle songs to your pets and plants

And let them too get drunk and wild

In their wildest imaginations

Let’s cheer together with red wine and whiskey

To the whole mad World that has gone astray

We are all One Loving, Happy family

Let us all dance and sing along

Merry and funky sweet tunes

Radiating Hearts to joy and being Fancy Free……………

Trouble Tree…………

I once hired a plumber to help me repair an old farmhouse that I owned few years back though I was not staying there anymore. He already had a rough and tiresome day as his equipment that he brought along with him gave way. The car that he drove had a flat tire, his electric drill became faulty, his old car broke down, his tiffin that he had brought was spoilt and to top it, he lost his wallet and his bank kept calling him for loan repayments. In all these tensions and stress, he finished my repair work at my farmhouse. 

Since his car broke down, I drove him home. While I drove him home, he sat silently, but I could mark his agony and restlessness.  On arriving, he invited me in to meet his family. As we walked toward the front door, he paused at a small tree, touching the tips of the branches with both hands and closed his eyes. When the door opened, he was smiling and happy.  In seconds he underwent an amazing transformation. He hugged his two small children, gave his wife a kiss, laughed, and never even slightly made them feel the troubles that he had encountered that day.

I was astonished and curious. Seeing my inquisitive eyes, he said, ‘Oh that’s my Trouble Tree. My best friend. My trouble carrier for the night.’  He replied, ‘I know I cannot help having troubles on the job, but one thing’s for sure, those troubles don’t belong in the house with my wife and the children.  So I just hang them up on the tree every night when I come home and ask God to take care of them.  Then in the morning I pick them up again.’

He then smiled and shared a secret. He said, ‘when I come out in the morning to pick troubles up, there aren’t nearly as many as I remember hanging there the night before!!’  Life may be a burden of worries, but there is a way to keep our loved ones untouched from these worries. Time will heal every wound. Whoever is tensed today, look for a tree it will take away all your fears and worries and make you happy and contented.………….

Everyday is a Wonderful day…………

Everyday smiles matter the most

As everyday is a wonderful day

The sun shines every single day

Bright and charmingly

The birds sing sweet songs of melody

The present is a beautiful moment

The past is a memory

The future is a vast vacuum

Everything is going at its beautiful pace

Time is moving in its accuracy

Patiently going on at its proper time

Life is full of joy and abundance

Enjoy the good tidings that come your way

Hug the people you love almost everyday

Start your day on a warm footing

And give your life in God’s hand and see where

He takes you with him on a beautiful journey

Let us all Appreciate our day as much as we can……………

No Matter what……………

No matter how much effort you have to put in anything you are doing in life, you have to wait and watch: Be patient.

No matter what I do, I still end up falling head over heels in love with you: Be Loving.

No matter how much emptiness is there in your life, happiness will always follow like a fountain of bliss: Be Happy

No matter how light skinned you are, you will always need light in darkness. Light is like a beacon of hope: Take Caution.

No matter what people think of you, always keep singing your own beautiful song and be like a ruby shining bright: Be Cheerful

No matter how many mistakes in life we make, you will always need a Teacher who gives all his wisdom and never questions: Be Giving

No matter how much richness you have and own many cars of different makes, you will always walk to bed. Be contented, take life as tranquil and calm: Life is too short.

No matter how beautiful and handsome you are, just remember that even Baboons and Gorillas also attract tourists: Stop boasting.

What a life we live.  If you think it is your alarm clock that woke you up this morning, try putting it besides a dead body and you will realize that it is the grace of God that woke u up. If you are grateful to God, thank him at all times.…………………

The Silent Master……….

A great teacher, A wonderful being

He has nothing to offer

Though silent are his ways

And in is silence the student

Is inspired beyond imagination

A tender smile on his face

Pearls of wisdom a plenty

Peace all over his aura

Who knows all yet reveals nothing

For him this phenomenal world

Is just an illusion

Humble, compassionate and humane

Humour writ on his face

He works in his silence

Not disturbed by anyone

His aura so mystical

People are in awe of Him

To serve him is not so easy as you think

He can cut you in half, can crush you to a pulp

Removes all your weaknesses

And shows you the correct way

For he is the Silent Master…………………….

Not Everyone is Your Cup of Tea………..

Some people are not your blend or do not have the right taste.

Some people are strong, while others are quite weak.

Some are fruity, bubbly and friendly.

Some may be bitter, jealous or plain judgmental.

Some may be shy or fearful. They do not want to mix with anyone.

Some may be brave and noble.

Some may be loving and kindhearted.

Some may be dominating and not grateful.

Everyone’s taste is different. No two people are similar to each other.

If people are not your blend of tea, move on and wish them well.  Do not argue or feel hatred towards them.  It’s completely fine to leave when you think it is a burden for your own good.

Forgive and forget is the key to happiness.  So, forgive those who have hurt you.  It is best for your own peace of mind.

Keep the ones you like and enjoy their company. Drop all your defenses with them and have a time of your life. They will understand your feelings.

The right taste will keep you filling your cup every moment with joy and happiness every single day.

You can never get enough of your favorite choices in life.

A good CUPPA is meant to make everything better, not bitter.

Let us all learn to blend together lovingly and joyfully leaving all differences and hostility forever.  Be kind and caring with each and every one we meet on our journey and remember all the wonderful memories and sweet people who have made our life so beautiful and attractive.

The Essence of Teaching………….

An old man meets a young man who asks him: “Do you remember me?” and the old man says no.  Then the young man tells him he was his student, and the teacher asks: “What do you do, what do you do in life?”  The young man answers: “Well, I became a teacher.” “Ah, how good, like me?” asks the old man. “Well, yes.  In fact, I became a teacher because you inspired me to be like you.”

The old man, curious, asks the young man at what time he decided to become a teacher.  And the young man tells him the following story: “One day, a friend of mine, also a student, came in with a nice new watch, and I decided I wanted it. I stole it. I took it out of his pocket.  Shortly after, my friend noticed that his watch was missing immediately complained to our teacher, who was you.  Then you addressed the class saying, “This student’s watch was stolen during classes today.  Whoever stole it, please return it back.”

I did not give it back because I did not want to.  You closed the door and told us all to stand up and form a circle.  You were going to search our pockets one by one until the watch was found.  However you told us to close our eyes, because you would only look for his watch if we all had our eyes closed.  We did as instructed.

You went from pocket to pocket and when you went through my pocked, you found the watch and took it.  You kept searching everyone’s pockets, and when you were done you said, “Now open your eyes.  We have the watch” You did not tell on me and you never mentioned the episode.  You never said who stole the watch either.  That day you saved my dignity forever.  It was the most shameful day of my life.

But this is also the day I decided not to become a thief, a bad person etc.  You never said anything, nor did you even scold me or take me aside to give me a moral lesson.  I received your message clearly.  Thanks to you, I understood what a real educator needs to do.  The old professor answered, “Yes, I remember the situation with the stolen watch, which I was looking for in everyone’s pocket.  I did not remember you, because I also closed my eyes while looking.”

This is the essence of teaching:  If to correct you must humiliate, then you do not know how to teach………………………… 

Enjoy the Trip called Life……….

An old man had only 8 hair on his head.  He went to a Barber shop.  Barber in anger asked: Shall I cut or count? Old man smiled and said: “Colour it”. Life is to enjoy with whatever you have with you, keep smiling.

If you feel STRESSED, give yourself a Break. Enjoy some:





Why? Because STRESSED backwards spelling is DESSERTS so enjoy and have a great time.

There is another Alphabetic advice for all of us:

A B C: Avoid Boring Company.

D E F: Don’t Entertain Fools.

G H I: Go for High Ideas.

J K L M: Just Keep a friend like Me.

N O P: Never Overlook the Poor and Suffering.

Q R S: Quit Reacting to Silly stories.

T U V: Tune Yourself for your Victory.

W X Y Z: We Xpect You to Zoom ahead in life.

So believe in YOURSELF. Life is like a NOVEL. And every day is a new page. So if a page is sad next will surely be happy. So, do not worry turn the pages and enjoy your life. Keep smiling. We all are tourists and God is our travel agent who has already fixed all our Routes, Reservations and Destinations so trust him and enjoy the Trip called LIFE.………..

O! Beautiful Soul by Rumi………..

Oh! Beautiful Soul

You worry too much

You fear too easily

Upon the scars of misfortunes

You have seen your own strength

You have seen your own beauty

You have seen your golden wings

Fly to heavens mystical glory

Then why do you worry?

Why do you fret and fume?

Oh! Beautiful Soul

Why are you knocking

At every other door?

Go, knock at the door

Of your own heart

You are in truth

The ethereal, the charming

The soul, of the soul, of the soul……………….