A Wise Woman’s Stone………………..

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A wise woman who was travelling in the mountains up North of the Himalayas found a precious stone in a stream when she went to sprinkle her face with the freshness of the icy waters. The next day she met another traveler who was very hungry, he had not eaten a proper meal for days together. The wise woman seeing this poor hungry man opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler instead saw the precious stone in her bag and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so immediately without hesitation. The traveler left, rejoicing in his good fortune.

He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime. He need not be working for a living anymore.  But a few days later he came back to return the stone to the wise woman. ‘I have been thinking for days together’, he said, ‘I know how valuable the stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enables you to give me the stone’.

The wise woman was a realized Master and she said, ‘I know that the stone is very valuable and can fetch me fortunes and I can live a life of luxury but for me it is just a piece of matter and I have no use for it. This is not what I have come to accomplish in my life. We do require material things in this life for our livelihood but why keep on accumulating them unnecessary. Remember that one need not become their Slaves. We have come into this world, one day to leave everything and bid farewell to our temporary homes and temporary lives, then why keep expectations and unwanted desires.

In order to live a contented and happy life one has to give up their so called cravings. If you have choices, then choose the best. If you have no choice, then do the best. It helps if you remember that everyone is doing their best from their level of consciousness. The most beautiful things in life are just not things, they are people who we need to love and cherish with a touch of feelings, moments, smiles and laughter. Living and Caring for each other is the Rule of Nature.

The man realized his foolishness and the worthlessness of the stone. The wise woman with a gentle heart invited him to share her little meal and they both had a great time.

Live Simply, Look Fab and Look Cheerful.



To A Friend…………..

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My Friend,

You mustn’t be afraid of death

You’re a deathless Soul

You are a mystical traveler

You can’t be kept in a dark grave

You’re filled with God’s glow.


My Friend,

Be happy with your Beloved

In his blissful sublime Love

You can’t find any better

The world will sparkle because

Of the diamond you hold.


My Friend,

When your heart is immersed

In happiness and good times

You can easily endure

Any Bitter face that comes around

Please don’t dwell in sorrow

But rejoice in his Love My Friend…………….

Salt V/s. Rice……………….

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If you were to cook 3 cups of rice, would you add 3 cups of salt to it?

Certainly Not……….

-So, in every preparation of rice, the rice always outnumbers the salt, yet a little salt makes a huge difference/impact in the overall outcome. 

-In the room in which you currently are, look up at the ceiling. What is the size of the bulb compared to the size of the room? It is probably a ratio of 1:5000. Yet, darkness flees the entire space once the small bulb is flipped on.

If I am the salt of the earth, and the light of the world, then this ‘little me’ has the ability to make big things happen.  Sometimes, because we feel outnumbered or overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of evil or wrong-doers that surround us, we then choose powerlessness, and decide to go with the flow, not standing up for what we believe is right and then start getting scared and petrified or can commit grave mistakes in life.

‘Little does not mean insignificant’. You are Significant, you are Important, your presence should make a BIG difference. Stop waiting to be on the side of the majority.  Don’t just give in and move with the crowd. If you feel they are Wrong then open up and say that they are. They may be the majority, but they are the trivial majority, and YOU ARE THE IMPACTFUL ONE. They are the RICE OF THE WORLD, AND YOU ARE THE SALT OF THE WORLD. They are the ROOM AND YOU ARE THE LIGHT.

Always Make Your Influence felt. Start by taking a Bold and Brave Step and think on these positive lines ‘Yes I Can and I Have the Power To Do Whatever Comes My Way. No Matter What’. REMEMBER: YOU ARE THE WORLD’S SEASONING SO WHY NOT MAKE EVERYTHING AROUND YOU BEAUTIFUL AND LIVE A WONDERFUL LIFE………

The Power of Appreciation…………….

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‘I was about ten. My mom had just finished creating one of her amazing meals and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was simply Delicious. Later, as I was washing the dishes, my mom came up to me, ‘Sorry, dinner was so awful again.’ She said. I was shocked, ‘What? No, it was great. I loved it.’ ‘Really?’ she said, with mock surprise. ‘You always eat so quietly, never saying anything. You’ve never told me you liked my cooking, so I thought you hated it.’ ‘No, my darling Mom, you’re the best cook I know and I love you for being so kind and generous.’ ‘Then you should tell me that,’ she said. ‘Whenever someone does something nice for you, you should thank that person. If you don’t, then they might think they are not appreciated and stop doing those nice things.’

Something clicked in me right then. From that day onwards, I made it my sincere practice to thank everyone for literally everything. If anyone did something that even vaguely helped me, I thanked that person profusely. It became a habit, something I didn’t even think about, and that’s when the magic started happening.

People liked me more. They talked to me more, shared with me, were more friendly. In my first year of high school, during the final week, I came home and found a giant freezie (a kind of sweet of frozen snack) waiting for me. ‘Thanks, mom!’ I said instinctively.’ ‘This isn’t from me, she said. ‘This is from your bus driver.’ He had been driving that bus for years, and my siblings and I were the first people to ever thank him as we got dropped off. Those two simple words made a huge difference, so much so that he went out of his way to tell our mom and give us a present.’

That is the power of appreciation. When you have it, all is right in the world, but when it is missing life is empty. My mom taught me many things, but taking two seconds to say ‘thank you’ every time in any situation, was the best.

Debriefing of this Story: You would have met people who call themselves as good critics but have you ever met a person who says I am good at appreciating others? Isn’t that a sad part of our society? Let’s start appreciating people more frequently especially people who are close to us. ‘The sweetest of all sounds is praise. Let’s start it today.’

Look Fab, Be Good, Be Cheerful Always……………..


I See You…………..

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I See You………

In the sunbeams

Among song-birds and lovely lavenders

You speak of beauties whisperings

Love that softly flows as red wine


I See You…….

In the pastures of fountain greens

Rivers running up in full stream

Playing your lovely tunes

Dancing with the autumn leaves


I See You……….

In the little white lamb

Suckling its mother tenderly

Horses that gallop sprightly

Hearing your enchanted voice


I See You………….

In the valleys and dales

Ringing bells of joyous hay

A movement in every step

A wonder, a surprise, a celebration


I See You……….

At our petite dining table

Silently munching with us

Enjoying hot chai’s and coffee

And our little heart to hearts


I See You……….

Sitting next to me, a tender smile

Gazing at me with your loving eyes

A quick assurance, a little hug

You need not worry my child

Cause I am here holding you tight……………….




A Little Bit of Laughter…………..

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-Child: ‘Mummy why does Gandhiji have no hair on his head?’

Mummy: ‘Because he speaks only the truth.’

Child: ‘Now I understood why ladies have long hair.’


-Teacher: ‘How old is your father?’

Kid: ‘He is 6 years old’.

Teacher: ‘What? How is this possible?’

Kid: ‘He became father only when I was born’.


-THIS IS VERY HILARIOUS: When I was a kid homosexuality was a crime. When I was growing up homosexuality was a taboo. Now as per the Supreme Court it is legal. I better die before they make it compulsory.


-David: ‘I’m going to watch ‘Mission Impossible’ tonight’. 

James: ‘On Cable or at a Theater?’

David: ‘Not the film! My wife who is very fat, bought Slim Fit Jeans and she is going to try it on this evening!!!!!’


-I occasionally work with a Chinese guy Cheng. At an office function, we were having coffee and chatting.

I asked him, ‘Cheng, do you ever get fed up of people saying that all Chinese look the same?’

He replied, ‘Cheng is at the counter getting coffee; I am his wife.’       


-IN A HOTEL RESTAURANT: One day in a Hotel one stupid man after eating food went to wash his hands and started washing the basin.

The waiter saw this and said, ‘What are you doing Sir?’

The stupid man said: ‘Idiot, you think I do not know English, only you are the one who knows or what. It is written WASH BASIN and I am doing that only.’


-IN A NURSERY SCHOOL: There’s a basket of apples with a notice written over it: ‘Do not take more than one, God is watching.’ On the other counter there’s a box of chocolates. A small child went and wrote on it, ‘Take as many as you want, God is busy watching the apples’ NEVER ACT SMART WITH Today’s Generation.



Spell the word ‘COW’ in 13 letters:  Many Scientists got mad calculating it.

Even Professors could not answer it.

Lecturers said that it is a wrong query, printing mistakes, etc.,

Toppers got confused.

Average students’ minds went blank cursing the question setters.

Below average students committed suicide, unable to solve it.

But a dim-witted gave a cool answer: ‘SEE O DOUBLE YOU’



Cleansing One Self…………..


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One day all the disciples went to their Master and said, ‘Master, Master, we all are wanting to go on a pilgrimage.’

Master: ‘Why what happened all of a sudden. Why do you want to go on a pilgrimage trip?’

Disciples: ‘So that we can improve our devotion to God.’

Master: ‘OK. Then do me a favour. Please take this vegetable Karela (known as Bitter Gourd in English) along with you and wherever you go and whichever temple you visit, place it in the alter of the Deity, take the blessings and bring it back.’

So, not only the disciples but the Karela also went on pilgrimage, temple after temple. And finally, when they came back, the Master said, ‘Cook that Karela and serve it to me.’  The disciples cooked it and served it to the Master. After having the first bite, the Master said, ‘Surprising’. 

Disciples too were fumbled: But that is the very nature of the Karela, Master.

Master: ‘That is exactly what I am saying. Unless you change your nature, pilgrimage will not make any difference.  So, you and I, if we do not change ourselves, no teacher or guru can make a difference in our lives. Going on a pilgrimage does not mean you are cleansed with all your wrong doings, of lust, anger, hate, greed and jealousy. One has to thoroughly clean oneself of all these so called negatives.  The very purpose of going to the temple, church or any prayer house is to change within, change your very nature and character for enlightening oneself, get to the cleansing act. Otherwise the purpose is defeated.’

Every phase of our life is bound to teach us something valuable and positive. It all depends on Us whether we understand The Lesson in its true essence or Just Simply Keep on Turning the Pages without comprehending its proper meaning. The spiritual journey starts within.

Live Simply, Look Fab and Enjoy Life………………