Dainty flowers dancing beautifully……………

I see fresh dainty Flowers dancing beautifully in the wind

Merging in petals pastel ecstasy

Unfolding prettily as tulips, cherries, daffodils,

Sunflowers, roses or lavenders

Wrapped in delicate corals, reds or pinks

In wooded greens, in gardens dancing freely on tiptoes

A coat of rainbow’s musical hymn

Wind blowing them upon my skin

And sunshine reflected in my hair

I find delight in their scented smells

Gazing at the falling flowers, I long to see a flower pure

And wish to reach the sky azure

Every moment is a priceless joy

With my sling bag in tow, singing a merry song

I love to run wild with the whistling winds

Among the healing greens that I call home

And with my spirits full of excitement

I walk with the dainty flowers in the wind………………


64 thoughts on “Dainty flowers dancing beautifully……………

  1. A beautiful image drawn in a well written poem.. Too good my dear friend Kamal.. Mother nature grant us a free beauty and comfort.. It is the gift of our creator.. Let’s enjoy it.. Protect it and defend it against Pollution and all kinds of Harm.. Keep giving dear friend 🌹😊

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      1. Kamal, just to let you know I am slowly coming back to blogging – i wrote a post yestereday and plan to write another on 8th Feb 2023. I know it is a bit difficult to know what i am doing these days


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