Lessons in Life…………..

One day Kevin asked his dad how to handle life? His dad said to Kevin, “My room gave me all the answers”:

Roof said: Aim high.

Fan said: Always be cool.

Clock said: Value time.

Calendar said: Be up to date.

Wallet said: Save now for the future.

Mirror said: Always observe yourself.

Wall said: Share others’ load.

Window said: Expand your vision.

Door said: Open your mind.

Floor said: Always be down to earth.

Stairs said: Watch each step you take.

Then he further said, “the most inspiring ones are:

Toilet bowl said: When it’s time to let go, just let it go….

And the toilet paper said: Expect shit every day.

This is life.  Enjoy every minute of your life.  Suffering and pain are part and parcel of living but at the same time happiness and joy bring so much sparkle to our lives.  We have everything in our house that teaches us how to live abundantly and peacefully.


51 thoughts on “Lessons in Life…………..

  1. Truth truth and more truth. Thank you, Kamal. One day shall come when all suffering on this earth will be no more. That is how God intended it to be until evil came around to say differently. LOVED this post!! Thank you! xo


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