Oh! My Beloved Heart…………..

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Oh! My Beloved Heart

Do not be sad or crestfallen

Do not become disheartened so easily

Have utmost faith and trust

In the inner world of beauty

There are many mysteries and thrills

Many wonders, many magical moments

Angels singing sweet songs of melody

Waiting with open arms

On wings of grandeur and purity

Just for you My Beloved Heart

Even if the whole world and its mystries

Threatens you with your life

Don’t let go of the Beloved’s Robe

For even a breath or for a second

Surrender to His Will

He will lift you in his arms

Fly on wings of a spirited bird

And take you Home to his gorgeous abode

Where your Heart truly belongs…………..


48 thoughts on “Oh! My Beloved Heart…………..

  1. Such a beautiful poem Kamal dear friend.. Sadness kills the heart.. When the soul is truely connected to its source.. Sadness will no more be there..
    Keep giving dear friend Kamal 🌹😊


      1. Well said my dear friend.. And the right source is the creator of all where there is only mercy and peace..
        Happy Sunday to you too 😊🌹


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