Simplicity is the Key to living a Good Life………….

One day a very rich dad took his son on a trip to a village.  He wanted to show him how poor some people can be and live a very frugal life.  They then spent time on the farm of a poor family.  Though they were poor the wife of the poor family served them what food they had and both father and son enjoyed the simple meal.

On their return from the trip, the father asked his son, “How was the trip. Did you have a wonderful time?”  The son said, “It was great, Dad.  I enjoyed my time with these poor people.”  Then the father asked, “Son, did you see how poor people live?”  “Oh! Yes”, said the son. “So, tell me, what you learned from the trip?” asked the father.

The son answered very nicely, “We have one dog, they have four, we have one swimming pool, they have rivers, we have tube-lights at night in our house, they have stars that are so beautiful to gaze, we buy foods, they grow theirs, we have walls to protect us and live in palatial houses, they have thatched houses and huts, we have television, they spend time with family and friends.  This is how I would like to live a simple yet beautiful life.” 


57 thoughts on “Simplicity is the Key to living a Good Life………….

  1. What a wonderful perspective on life. Sadly, as we become richer, we seem to lose a great deal. But sadly, we don’t seem to realise it, and think we’re better off.


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