In Your Beautiful Eyes……..

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Your ecstatic Eyes have Mesmerized me  

I stand and stare till Infinitude

At the Softness in your Beautiful Eyes

In the Tenderness of a Mother’s Love

In the caring of a Father’s Touch

Warmth of a thousand twinkling stars

In the Innocence of being childlike

Hearts unfurling petals of joy

Your beautiful eyes that softly awaken

Fragrances of serenading flowers

Dancing delightfully in cool breezes

Birds freely flying to a wonderful chorus

Flapping wings in mystical blues

Your gentle eyes comforts’ every Being

With a lovely caress in enchanting flames

Smiling to a cheerful rhythmic tune

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Keep life simple in this funky riddle

And sing along to this lovely jingle

My Beautiful Eyes are always shining bright

On One and All forever more…………………….

41 thoughts on “In Your Beautiful Eyes……..

  1. What a lovely poem, Kamal, and I love this line:
    Keep life simple in this funky riddle.
    Exactly what I try to do even though life is so fast-paced nowadays. I think that’s why my husband and I love going into the wilderness because no matter what, life slows down. It’s a time for gratitude and reflection.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspiration. 💞


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