The day I gave up being Petty………….

I once asked a very successful woman that I met at one of the Office parties, to share her secret with me. She smiled so beautifully and said to me in all confidence:

‘I started succeeding when I started leaving small fights which did not give meaning to my life for small fighters. These fights did not bother me at all.

I stopped arguing with those who gossiped about me. These people did not matter to me one bit. I kept away from gossip mongers who do nothing but gossip about people.

I stopped fighting for attention from the people I associated with. It did not bother me whether anyone liked me or not. I was totally detached from flattery.

I stopped fighting with my in-laws, my boss, my colleagues. There was not much to talk about. I wanted my peace of mind.

I stopped fighting to meet people’s expectation of me. It was not required. I was doing whatever I wanted for my own satisfaction.

I stopped fighting to please everyone.  It is a hopeless cause and in return I suffered, as it is of no use pleasing others as people are never satisfied.  I simply wanted calmness for myself. I left such fights for those who have nothing else to fight about.

And I finally started fighting for:

My vision, my dreams, my ideas and my destiny. The day I gave up on small fights and unnecessary quarrels is the day I started becoming successful and so much more content in my life. Some fights are not worth your time or energy, choose what you fight for wisely to live happily and cheerfully.

Confident walking is more successful than confused running. Follow no one but learn from everyone. Brave concept is “Do or Die”. Practical concept is “Do before you Die” and Winner’s concept is “Don’t Die until you Do it.” Live your life and forget your age.

52 thoughts on “The day I gave up being Petty………….

  1. Excellent Kamal…. So true are these words. Once we realise we need not compete, or need labels to define us, or waste our Energy on how we are perceived.. It only matters how we perceive ourselves how we interact with our own inner BE-ing… How we love and respect ourselves enough not to put our energy into the circumstances stated in your post.. Only then do we learn, as we love ourselves enough to treat ourselves with love and respect…
    And when we do exactly that… Then nothing else matters…

    Many thanks for sharing your wisdom here Kamal….
    Much love my friend ❤


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