Miserable or Blissful-Its entirely your choice…….

A Sufi mystic who had always remained happy was asked by people who observed him almost every day for the last 70 years, why he had never ever been found sad.  One day they asked him, ‘Pray tell us, what is the secret of your happiness? We have never seen you forlorn but looking joyful and smiling forever. We would definitely like to hear from you what makes you happy and cheerful and take some learnings of value from you.’

The Sufi very kindly said, ‘There is no great secret. It is very simple. Every morning when I wake up, I meditate for five minutes and I say to myself, ‘Listen now my friend and soulmate, there are two possibilities for you, either you can be MISERABLE the whole day through and keep on crying at your misfortunes and bad luck, or you can be BLISSFUL and lead a peaceful, fearless and a worriless life. CHOOSE. And let me tell you ‘I ALWAYS CHOOSE TO BE BLISSFUL.’

He further stated, ‘All alternatives are open to us every single moment of our life. It is entirely up to you what you CHOOSECHOOSE to be BLISSFUL. There are people who can be BLISSFUL even when they are imprisoned or confined in prisons and there are people who remain MISERABLE even when they are living in marble palaces, having plenty cars, lots of clothes, lots of jewelry and many other material things but they are never satisfied.

The universe does not demand that you struggle unnecessary, it’s simply responding to your vibration. The way you think, so shall you become. So why not have a pep talk every morning before you start your day and be positive and happy instead of being miserable and saying why me and why all the suffering has to come to me only. We need to be contented with what we have been given.

Fill your mind with seeds of GREATNESS & GRATITUDE. No matter what the situation you find yourself in, remind yourself: ‘I have a Choice’. Life is the Art of drawing without an Eraser. So be careful while taking any small decisions about valuable pages of your life. You are your own Creator and Destroyer. Let us all learn to live a Blissful Life and be cheerful and joyous and live a life of Harmony and Togetherness.


72 thoughts on “Miserable or Blissful-Its entirely your choice…….

    1. Great story with great moral Kamal dear friend.. We have the decision to choose happiness Or sorrow..
      It is So easy to Give in to despair.. But it is easy also to choose light Instead of darkness..
      Keep giving dear friend

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  1. As always…thanks for sharing!! Very insightful and true. I start each day in prayerful meditation and the peace, joy and happiness I feel from that carries into my day! Blessings for sharing all these post Kamal!


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