Feeling Grateful……………..

This lovely morning as I was sitting

In front of my sweet little porch

Beauty filled me with a sense of awe

I felt a oneness with the pelicans

As they glided inches above the waters

I sensed the joy of the dolphins

Surfing the big blue waves in a twirl

And as I caught a glimpse of the majestic whales

Lifting their fins above the water

Playing their little game of joy

I knew the magnificence of beloved God

In the rapture and ecstasy of the moment

I also caught a glimpse of myself

Breathing in unison with the ebb and flow of the tide

That appeared to be in perfect rhythm with the wind

 The grass rippling in faultless harmony

The rays of the sun in all its brilliance

And in this moment, I felt a wave of Gratitude

For being alive in a perfect balance

With the Whole of the Universe……………………..

64 thoughts on “Feeling Grateful……………..

  1. WoW, So Serene and Peaceful !

    Sad that our peace is turning to unpeace with the geopolitical developments…………..

    Lord have mercy !


  2. How blessed indeed to see those beautiful creatures….
    I do not have the ocean… But I have the birds, the trees and a garden of tiny creatures and Bee’s whom without we wouldn’t have our food pollinated.
    In Love and Gratitude for sharing all those wonders with us Kamal….
    Sending love and hugs your way dear friend ❤


  3. Love this post…I know that feeling and reading it brought me to that feeling of gratitude and thankfulness….one with the world and all of His creation!! Thanks for sharing…blessings!


  4. What you have described, Kamal, is how we all are meant to be, every moment of every day. Beautiful beautiful post!!! Yes I AM grateful too for all the magnificent Blessings I have in my life!!! Thank you! xo


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