O! Beautiful Soul by Rumi………..

Oh! Beautiful Soul

You worry too much

You fear too easily

Upon the scars of misfortunes

You have seen your own strength

You have seen your own beauty

You have seen your golden wings

Fly to heavens mystical glory

Then why do you worry?

Why do you fret and fume?

Oh! Beautiful Soul

Why are you knocking

At every other door?

Go, knock at the door

Of your own heart

You are in truth

The ethereal, the charming

The soul, of the soul, of the soul……………….

78 thoughts on “O! Beautiful Soul by Rumi………..

  1. That’s So beautiful and So deep.. A human soul is lost When it loses touch with its source.. So it tries to knock of doors that are usually locked.. A human soul should be in a continuing contact with its origin to stay always in peace and to be genuine..
    Keep giving dear friend Kamal.. 🌷😊


      1. Same to you dear friend Kamal.. Keep shining.. 🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹😊


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