Be That One Noble Person………..

One sparkling smile can bring a friendship to blossom

One helpful hand can lift a soul out of misery

One constructive word can frame the goal of life

One word of cheeriness can bring so much joy

One candle lit with an intent that can wipe out darkness

One uproarious laughter can conquer gloom

One gentle touch can show you care

One look of compassion can relax the weary traveler

One honest deed can dissolve years of mistrust

One life can make a difference to someone

One loving gesture can work wonder

One happy moment can wipe out all your pains

Be that one noble person today who can bring so much pleasure and cheerfulness to a hungry, confused Soul who is in need of loving-kindness, care and compassion.Β  Let us put Love in everything that we do.Β  Serve others with a Grateful Heart and always believe that a bit of Miracle is waiting for us somewhere behind the radiant Sunlight.


77 thoughts on “Be That One Noble Person………..

  1. That picture is amazing beautiful! I loved this line – One constructive word can frame the goal of life – so true. Each line is a valuable message in itself, and what a meaningful beautiful post entirely.


  2. I am a true believer, Kamal, that one act of kindness ripples out like from a pebble thrown into a lake. I am hoping that “One honest deed can dissolve years of mistrust” can be true because there is so much mistrust in the world today. I appreciate your hopeful and inspiring post. Be well, friend.


  3. Kamal, this is so true and more pertinent than ever in today’s world. Let us all be that one noble person, to give that one word, act! A powerful post, my friend that touches all our hearts.


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