Little, Happy Things that Please me a lot…………

Joy in Little Things – EISA for All

Sunshine streaming thru my Window

Skies a clear blue tint

Happy to see vibrant leaves

Dancing in their little skirts

Cool breeze is in the air

Singing along with the Radio

The first sip of warm tea

Makes me feel as fresh as ever

Breakfast is full of fried eggs sunny side up

Dollops of butter spread on Hot buns

Talking to my sweet little Sparrows

Enjoying this moment of bliss

Sitting on my sofa, starting to read a book I love

Receiving a loving text from a friend

“You are my heart song, my dream-girl

I sing night and day for you”

Makes my heart skip a beat

Evening time is a long walk

With friends along the promenade

Late night snacks and soft music

Fluffy blankets just out of the dryer

A split second of gratitude

“Thank You, Thank You, God for a Wonderful day”

With a gracious smile on my face

I am of to bed under my duvet

These are few of the little happy things

That pleases me a lot………………..

67 thoughts on “Little, Happy Things that Please me a lot…………

      1. Oh, you are in India? Sorry, i had supposed you somewhere in the USA. Lol Dont worry, you have monsun instead. 😉 And you have the comfort of a megacity. Here we are in a village with decreasing inhabitats of only 2700 souls. The next civilisation is around 130 kilometers from here, in Prague, Czech Republic. :-)) xx Michael


  1. Wow.. A great poem indeed.. Happy times are something unique in our life.. Let’s enjoy those special moments with the people who love us.. Let’s value those simple things that are pure and true.. Age is measuresd only by the joyful time we enjoy with those honest people..
    Keep giving dear friend Kamal.. 😍🌹🙏


  2. Kamal, what a touching post. When we are grateful for life itself and all the Gifts which we are given, life becomes magical. Lately I find myself saying again and again “Thank you”, “I am so grateful”. This morning such a feeling of holiness came over me as if the very presence of God was before me, I knelt down and just became so grateful for my life, closing my eyes and just feeling the energy of God all around me. Life is Holy. Life is Mystical. And so much more. Much Love to you!! xo

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    1. Life is everything and more and what you have said is totally true. Life is beautiful and we need to be grateful for every little things that God has showered on us. Thankful for your valuable words dear Amy. Lot’s of love and hugs 💖🤗💖🤗💖🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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