Cafe Terrace At Night – By Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh - Vincent Van Gogh (cafe Terrace At Night) Art Poster -  1920x1080 Wallpaper -

I was given an assignment where we had to write a story on any image drawn by the famous Van Gogh. I liked this beautiful Cafe Terrace by Night and I hope my friends you will like my story that I have written from the picture:

Daniel loved going to this beautiful Café Terrace at night with his friends which served the best of wines and cuisines in their little town of Prisbery. They loved sitting peacefully under the moonlit nights where the sweet twinkling stars came out from the darkened clouds enveloping the place with a glorious tint.  There was no hustle and bustle of traffic or rush of people too. Only the gentle rustle of leaves could be felt in the cool breeze that swayed its freshness everywhere. Adjacent to the café stood a blue coloured building which was a small hotel that catered to outsiders.

The speciality of the café was that they had these quaint gothic style tables and chairs which were appreciated by the town’s folk and it was always crowded throughout the entire day.  The ambience was lovely too, they could see so many people coming and going from the café.  A subtle yellowish-green with rustic lamps and a vibrant blue was the décor of the café.

Sitting across them was a lovely young couple who had eyes for each other only. Daniel observing them said to his friends, “Look at the young couple, how madly in love they are, laughing and having a great time. See how he is tenderly holding her hand and kissing her so beautifully and she coyly looking at him with her lovely eyes. Hope they can learn to be happy and joyous throughout their lives and not get into any false arguments; tiffs and spoil their friendship.”  His friends too agreed with Daniel.

A waitress then came to their table and said, “Sirs, what would you like to drink and eat. Can I take your order now or if it is very late then the kitchen will close for the day.”  They ordered their drinks and food, chitchatting and having a merry time.  All of a sudden a vagabond like man comes to their table asking for alms or food, “Please, if you would care to give me something to eat and drink.  I have not eaten a decent meal from days.”  Daniel and his friends immediately call the waitress to bring more food and water and give it to the beggar.  He feels so happy and with tears in his eyes, “Thank you for your generosity” and walks away.

Afterwards in the middle of their conversation they see a pretty brunette hanging on the arms of an elderly gentleman walking across the café and Daniel’s friend, Jacob says, “Look friends who is coming.  She is looking like a little devil with the way she is charming him with her Oomph and beauty.  She surely must be with him for a good time, as the gentleman looks quite wealthy and fashionable.”  They all agreed with him and had a delightful laugh. 

This is the way Daniel and his friends passed their time every day in the evenings when they came to their special hideout at this café after a tiring job and giggled, joked, laughed and talked of what transpired in their lives and whenever anyone came to sit next to them they would quietly discuss about them, make some comment or the other and they enjoyed being in each other’s company.  Life is very short so why not make the most out of it and live happily and joyously forever.

44 thoughts on “Cafe Terrace At Night – By Van Gogh

  1. Good story Kamal dear friend.. With great moral.. Life is short.. Let’s enjoy it and help ourselves and others to live it in the best way.. Keep giving dear friend 🌹😍

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  2. Oh Kamal, really enjoyed reading your story about Van Goghs beautiful painting. I don’t think I have seen that painting before but in your story you truly bring alive the characters. Nothing like people watching, I love it . 🙂


      1. Just thinking, lovely also that the officer was allowed in by the nurse. Unfortunately hospitals becoming abit like prisons in some ways (pre Covid also) using terminology like ‘being released’ rather than discharged and so many abbreviations that citizens supposed to understand. End of rant!

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