An Act of Kindness……………

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Dear Friends, I was sent an assignment, by a group of friends to write a short story that speaks and inspires me about kindness. I hope you will like my story which unfolds below:

Judith always came with her father every Sunday morning after mass at the Central Park to play with her friends.  The Park was very close to where they stayed. She and her friends had a wonderful time playing on the swing, the see-saw and being merry and gay.   Her father loved his Sundays’ as this was one day that he could rest after a hectic week of work and be with his daughter who he loved. The garden had a marvelous beauty of its own.  There were majestic tall trees with branches stretched in their green and yellow leaves giving an enchanted feeling.  There was a small lake flowing beautifully in all its rhythm and a lovely breeze wafting all over the wonderful Park. Since being a holiday, many people could be seen sitting on the green grass having a lovely and stress-free time.

One Sunday as they both were sitting on the bench watching the pigeons eating their little seeds they happened to see an old man with tattered and torn clothes almost lying down tired and hungry and leaning on a pole with few knick-knacks that he possessed.   It looked as if he had not taken a bath for days and he had no other clothes but what he was wearing, looking very unhappy and dejected.

Judith and her father both noticed the old man and Judith with tears in her eyes and feeling so sad seeing this man, she said to her father, “Who is this man, daddy and why is he lying like this, does  he have no home and why is no one taking care of him. Can we do something for him? Let us go and ask him if he wants our help.”  Her father in a tender voice said, “Yes dear, of course, we will surely help him in the best possible way we can.”

Both of them approached the old man.  Judith’s father then said, “Sir, can we be of any help to you. Where are you staying and would you like us to give you some food to eat?” The old man had tears in his eyes and said in a broken voice, “Son, I am so glad that you have noticed me and have very kindly thought of helping me.  Yes, I have nowhere to go.  I have no home, no money and for days I have not eaten anything.  I would be very happy if you could help me.”

There was a quaint looking restaurant across the street from where they brought lot of food and water for the old man and Judith saw a lovely stall selling flowers.  She said to her father, “Father let me also buy a bouquet of flowers for him and I would love to see so much joy on his face.”  They did that and one can see Judith giving a bouquet of flowers to the old man in the picture and he feeling so happy by this simple Act of Kindness. Later the Father through his inquiries with agencies made arrangements of keeping him in an Old Age Home. The Old Man never forgot their generosity and empathy shown to him.

The beauty of Life does not depend on how happy you are, but on how happy you can make others feel by your simple Acts of Kindness. Both the Giver and the Receiver get so much happiness and joy in giving. Let us all give in Love and Kindness to the ones who require our help.

60 thoughts on “An Act of Kindness……………

  1. It’s a beautiful story Kamal and I have a friend that did just that with someone in Hawaii and took him in and later was able to get him housing in a home. it was remarkable. Often occasionally offer to go in a store and buy food for those wanting food but am always turned down. I always scratch my head. Now I just smile and donate to the shelters. 💖💖💖

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    1. This is a great way of helping people who really require our help, Cindy. In anyway we can be generous to people is an act of kindness. Thankful for your kind and generous words. Lots of love and hugs to you. Take care ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

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  2. You rose to the challenge well Kamal, and so glad the little girl will read it to her class! You are sending loving kindness out to every corner of our world with your wondrous stories … may we all continue to help those we meet along life’s path 🙂

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  3. Thank you for this wonderful story. It’s a reminder for us to be kind, not just to the homeless, but to be kind and considerate of others in many other ways too.


  4. “The beauty of Life does not depend on how happy you are, but on how happy you can make others feel by your simple Acts of Kindness.’.. this is absolutely beautiful Kamal…thank you for always sharing your words filled with wisdom


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