The Silent Awakener………

I Am Not A Teacher But An Awakener" –Robert Frost [1080x1080]: QuotesPorn

He is The Silent Awakener

Who walks this beautiful Earth

With mindful timid steps in Silence

In Love with the Whole of Creation

Sitting in natures gorgeous bliss

Enjoying a chorus of sweet songs sung

By the birds flying high in the skies

Oceans that taught him to listen

With a passionate loving heart

Not an ant would he like to crush

Sympathising when trees are being cut

And innocent animals being slaughtered

For the pleasures of foolish men who know nought

Love and blessings are his forte

Kindness and compassionate towards all

He is above religious dogmas

Working tirelessly uplifting humanity

Silently he awakens all souls

Embraces them with immense joy and happiness

Who are ready to receive his grace

And walk courageously with him towards

A Happy World of Love and Kindness

Where nothing exists but ONLY LOVE…………………

55 thoughts on “The Silent Awakener………

  1. Great person he is.. Although I do Not have his same beliefs But I see him as a person who spreads peace and light everywhere..
    Acting in a good way is the best way to teach others good value..
    Great poem Kamal dear friend..
    Keep giving..

    Liked by 1 person

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