Let us brighten each other’s Light………

150 Smile Quotes—Quotes to Get You Smiling

When a flashlight grows dim or quits working, do you just throw it away? Of course not, you would not do that, instead you will go and change the batteries so that once more there will be light.  Similarly, when a person messes up his life or finds himself in a dark place and does not know how to come out, do we cast him aside? Of course not! You help him change his battery which has gone dull with negative and unwanted thinking. 

Some need AA….attention and affection;

Some need AAA….attention, affection and acceptance;

Some need C……Compassion;

Some need D…..Direction;

Some need B……..Blessings from God;

Some need E……..Empathy to understand and give comfort;

Some need L……Love from the family and friends;

Some need S…….Support and someone to L…….listen to what he is going through in his life so that he could mend his ways and live a positive and beautiful life free from worries and fears.

And if they still do not seem to shine and brighten up from their dilemma, simply sit with them quietly and peacefully and share your Light. The reason why seesaw has two seats is because that way there is always someone to bring you up when you go down.

To make a difference in someone’s life you do not have to be beautiful, rich or perfect, you just have to Care and be Loving.  Let us all brighten each other’s Light and be guided by Love and Happiness.………………..

92 thoughts on “Let us brighten each other’s Light………

  1. Reading through everyone’s comments, I wonder if energy words can be found for every letter..or almost every one! Very much enjoyed the creativeness in this. Pretty sure I run on Triple A and D!!


  2. great wisdom once again Kamal, and when we get smart enough we know when it’s time to retreat and recharge our own battery before they go completely flat 🙂


  3. I just love your analogy with the battery. It will help me remember when I speak with friends and loved ones going through a rough patch – and there are many right now. Thanks, Kamal.


  4. Yes.. Amen to that..
    A brilliant post Kamal dear friend..
    It is our role in this life..
    Helping others does not need a big effort.. Simple things can make a big Difference… May your life shine always with the light of hope and love..
    Keep giving dear friend.. 🌹🙏


  5. So very true my friend, what beautiful words and put in such an way to entertain the mind and soul. I love the seesaw and the reason it has two seats, so uplifting.🌹🙏🏾


  6. Hi Kamal, this great. Did you create it yourself? I’m asking because I’ve seen shorter versions of it on multiple FaceBook pages, but without an author being mentioned.


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