Irish Philosophy of Life……..

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There are only two things to worry about, either you are well and cheerful or you are sick and in bad health.

  • If you are well – then there is nothing to worry about. You can go about doing whatever you wish.  If you want you can go on a picnic with your friends, or you can go on a beautiful trip to wherever you may like with your family or be alone. You can do whatever you feel like doing and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • If you are sick – there are two things to worry about. Either you will get well or you will die sooner or later if you keep on cursing your life or judging and complaining all the time.
  • If you get well – there is nothing to worry about.
  • But If you die – there are two things to worry about.
  • Either you will go to heaven or hell.
  • If you go to heaven – there is nothing to worry about. Life is beautiful and joyous. You are taken care of.
  • But if you go to hell – you’ll be so damn busy shaking hands with your friends that you won’t have time to worry in hell also.

So then why Worry at all. Any which way, one day we all have to die and depart from our so called bodies. Worry has never done anyone any good.  Don’t let your mind wander in worrisome thoughts but work selflessly and leave all your worries in his Hands who knows what is best for each one of us. Be completely resigned to His Will. Do your best – then don’t worry. Be happy in his Love.

Let us today put our problems in God’s hands. He puts His peace in our Hearts. Not all of us can do great things. But we can surely do small things with great Love. Start to believe in yourself, miracles will soon start blossoming.………………….

94 thoughts on “Irish Philosophy of Life……..

  1. Why worry when nobody has seen hell or heaven! To my mind they are here… if we are sick and really sick, we are in hell, we are are shunned by friends and dear ones, we are in hell, if we are jobless and hungry with no hope of getting fed, we are in hell. Rest is all heaven. 🥰 Enjoy and forget all worries.

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    1. Yes sure a serious subject but one can see the happiness in this philosophy. Why worry unnecessarily and make ourselves mad and sad. Your mom is absolutely right. Thankful for your valuable feedback dear Robbie. Take care and stay blessed.

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  2. Great Wisdom Kamal dear friend. Worry will Not change our future. All was written before we come.. So what We should do is working and enjoying the present moment.. GOD rules the rhyme..
    Keep giving dear friend.. 🙏😊🌹


    1. Yes dear Sohair, everything has been created the way God wants himself to be in this world of creation and he knows what he is doing then why worry. It is nice to be in a state of bliss. Thankful for your kind words dear. Stay blessed and happy 💘💘💘💘💘

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  3. Worry is such a waste of time, and yet so many of us do it waaaayy too much. Your advice is so well done, with a bit of humor no less. And I most certainly believe that it’s the “small” things, like kindness, empathy and compassion in our every day lives, that make the biggest impact.

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  4. I adore this! It also gave me a good laugh because I myself can easily get lost in a vortex of worry myself, so I truly relate. Thanks for sharing 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


      1. Well thanks to you , u polished a lot on youself. Content is precise ,meaningful and short above all … its just fun reading and getting a meaning in last is like a cream …


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