Cherish all your moments with your Mother………….

Best Part of Being a Mom


One day I had a fight with Mom and shouted and almost screamed at her and did not have my lunch.  I immediately walked out of the house and went out with my friends, and had lunch with them.  Later, when I came back, I felt very bad for what I had done but hesitated to face my Mom so I quickly went to my room and started watching TV.  Then my dad came to me and asked me why did I not have lunch.  I told him that I had food with my friends and did not want to have food cooked by Mom as I had fought with her.

He quietly listened to what I said and then he said to me, “You know dear, I sometimes do not like what your Mom says or what she does but have you seen me shouting at her or fighting with her?”  I said ‘No.’  He further said, ‘If you or me or your sister fights with your Mom then we can yet go out with our friends or colleagues and have food, chill out and come back whenever we want.  But have you ever thought of your Mom after you shout at her?  She will sit there and think for the whole day why did you shout at her, did she by any chance make a mistake and she will not eat her food also. Instead she will feel so bad and quietly sit and cry for hours together.

So, think before you shout at her or fight with her, you have a whole world outside waiting to hang out with you but for her you, your sister and I are her world.  When anyone of us shouts at her, then her whole world gets wrecked to pieces.  For you it is just a matter of few seconds of anger so if you can suppress it for some time, you can make her world a happy place. She loves us unconditionally and works untiringly. Even if she shouts, she does it out of love and makes us understand where we are going wrong in life”.

Cherish all your moments with your Mother.  They will never come back.  She is the Loveliest Masterpiece made in the Heart of God.  Precious things are but very rare to find.  The wise do not waste any such chance. Life is all about being happy and joyous with the ones you Love.  Let’s keep a Candle burning for all the Mom’s in Heaven this Mother’s Day. Forever Loved never Forgotten.

61 thoughts on “Cherish all your moments with your Mother………….

  1. This brought back memories of my mother and myself and how much I learned to appreciate her as I grew up. It is amazing strength to be in a Mother’s role and a blessing to have one.


    1. Yes I completely agree with you and reading this story I too remembered how I took my mother for granted and would then realise later why did I behave badly with her. Mother is always forgiving no matter what. Thanks a lot. Take care and stay safe 💖💖💖💖💖

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  2. Beautiful piece of moment shared by you! And so truely said. Mothers are precious and cherish all moment with her.
    Happy mother’s day 😊


  3. Yes, my mother meant all the world to me. She was an angel, and I miss her everyday (and my father, too.) Thank you for this dear and lovely and all-too-true piece. And as always, abundant blessings be upon and with you!


    1. Every mother is precious for every child and of course the father too plays an important role in our lives. Nice to know you had lovely parents Jonathan. Thanks a lot. Blessings to you too. Stay safe 🤗🤗🤗🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  4. Kamal, a wonderful and heartfelt story and an ode to all mother’s. Your words are full of truth and wisdom and yes, always cherish them! I am very lucky to be best friends with my mother and to see her often – a blessing I am thankful for every day! Mother’s Day is particularly hard for all those who have lost theirs … a special thought for everyone. ❤️


    1. That is so nice to hear Annika. Mother’s are such sweet angel’s and they have taken care of us with unconditional love in them. Happy Mother’s Day to you too and yes heartfelt for people who have lost their mothers. Thanks for your kind and generous feedback ☺️😊❤️❤️❤️

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