Facts – Simple and True………..

Smile Often: Because it makes a difference to the person seeing you. It is so very contagious makes all of us smile and be happy.

Cry when you feel like it: Because holding those emotions inside you is bad for our system. You may burst at a later stage when you really do not want to.

Laugh out loud:  Laugh as much as you want. Be silly and stupid even if someone is watching you going mad with laughter. There is no point of hiding your happiness. Laugh till your insides hurt and tears roll down your cheeks.

Apologize profusely: Because you do not want to lose someone special in your life. It is completely okay and nice to be forgiven even at times you have not made a mistake in order to bring friendship and smiles back.

Love unconditionally:  Two little hearts that fall in love with each other unconditionally. Love that never asks nor hates but rejoices and keeps on giving in every little moments with joy and happiness unfurling petals of pure bliss and beauty.

Hug tenderly: Because there is no better feeling than being wrapped up warmly and tenderly by someone you love. The feeling is as if you are being swept away to another world in the arms of the one you love.

Live Happily: Because you have only one life to live and today will never come back. Live happily and cheerfully in this precious moment. Life is very short. No one has come to live it. Live freely, smile often, let go of what is not wanted and accept life in all her essence happily and joyously.

Never think hard about the Past, it only brings Tears. Do not think more about the Future, it brings Fear.

Live this Moment with a Smile, it brings Cheer. Every Test in our Life makes Us Bitter or Better.

Every Problem comes to Make Us or Break Us. The Choice is Ours whether we become Victims or Victorious.

Beautiful Things are not always Good but good things are always Beautiful. Do you know why God created Gaps between our Fingers? So that Someone, who is Special to You, comes and fills those Gaps, by Holding Your Hand Forever.

Happiness’ keeps you Sweet but Being Sweet Brings Happiness……………

82 thoughts on “Facts – Simple and True………..

    1. You are always welcome dear Jonathan and we are all needing these simple and positive perspectives in life. Let us all have faith and trust in God and in ourselves too. Thanks a lot. Love and light to you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😊😊😊😊

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  1. tx always for your healing & much needed words, Kamal. was just reading a few mins ago how statistically, women who’ve experienced trauma are more likely to suffer ovarian cancer. we truly must be kind to ourselves..


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