Be Fun And Fancy Free………..

Eternity's River of Song – The Garden of Contemplation

Be fun and fancy free

Go for an early walk

Get some fresh air, try to smile

Say something kind and exchange pleasantries

To a safe-looking stranger, if one happens by

Always exercise your heart’s knowing

Along this beautiful path

Take your spouse or lover into your arms

The way you did when you first met

Let tenderness pour from your soft eyes

The way the Sun gazes warmly on the earth

Play a game with some children

Be innocent like a child and laugh silly

Extend yourself to a friend

Who needs your helping hand

Sing a few ribald songs to your pets and plants

Why not let them get drunk and wild

In their wildest imaginations

Let’s toast, whispering, “I love you! I love you!”

To the whole mad Wonderful World

We are all One Loving family

Our Beloved God is always besides us

All Hearts are joyfully Fun and Fancy Free…………………….

63 thoughts on “Be Fun And Fancy Free………..

  1. this is really what we all need at the moment. the world is in chaos because of the pandemic. we almost forget how fun life can be. thank you kamal for reminding us


    1. Yes Mich our whole world has become topsy turvy thanks to our Politicians who have scared us like crazy in the name of Covid. Let us all think positively and rid ourselves of this sickness by being fun and fancy free and loving life. Thanks for your kind words. Take care and stay safe.

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    1. Yes and I agree totally with your words Jonathan our world really requires us to be fun and full of happiness with all the negativity surrounding everywhere. Let us all be happy and joyful with the grace of God. Thankful for your kind words. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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  2. I love you. I love you 😍

    Such a wholesome and beautiful poem Kamal. Life is so simple and so beautiful. Joy in small things and friends and love and compassion.

    Am so blessed to have a loving and caring friend in you 💖🤗

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    1. I am so happy and feeling so nice and encouraged reading these beautiful words Ashok. This is life so simple, fun and fancy free and we unnecessary take upon the burdens of life. I too feel so blessed to be having you as a wonderful and motivating friend, Ashok. Much love and light and hugs to you dear.

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  3. Kamal, trust you to bring a smile on my face first thing this morning as I read your post! 😀 As I opened the curtains this morning and saw the gentle soft light of dawn across the trees I nearly did don clothes and set out for an early stroll … the frost on the lawns made my first impulse take a step back. I LOVE the skipping light and joyful nature of your poem, reminding us, encouraging us to let our hearts be ‘Fun and Fancy Free’! Beautiful, my friend! Xx 🙏

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    1. Yes I completely agree with your lovely words Annika. It is so nice to be getting up to a beautiful day with the sun shining its bright light on all of us and to live a fun and fancy free day with love and happiness. That is life in a nutshell. Thank you so much dear. Love and light.

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