Life’s Beautiful Mysteries………

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‘Hey beautiful life

Be gentle and kind on yourself’

Do not be harsh

Like the blasting winds

That hurt us no end

Release the morass of your mistakes

Flounder not in regrets and sorrows

No stranger are you among us

‘Hey beautiful life

Be gentle and loving on yourself’

Caress your tender leaves

That quiver in the sun’s glory

Unfurl your sweetness as fragrances

Let our hearts sing love’s pleasure

Your mysteries are unfathomable

It is way beyond our azure skies

‘Hey beautiful Life

Be gentle and tender on yourself’

The noontide is upon us

Take a moment of rest upon the wind

Sing sweetly in your wonderful voice

Stretch your hands to gather us lovingly

Let your bending in the Mysterious hand

Be only for our happiness and joy…………………

65 thoughts on “Life’s Beautiful Mysteries………

  1. A tender and hypnotic reminder to us all! “‘Hey beautiful life

    Be gentle and kind on yourself” acts like a chorus, the refrain singing within me, supporting the wisdom of your poem! Beautiful, Kamal and your work always brings light to my days! 😀❤️

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    1. Yes Barbara I completely agree with your valuable feedback. Life is so beautiful we have to make it work and be thankful to God for all his mercies. Feels so nice to be having you as a friend too, Barbara. Love and lots of hugs to you.

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