A Burnt Bread……….

Toasted Bread Was Burned While Toasting. Burnt Slices Of Toast.. Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 89935441.

One morning Stanley’s day got spoilt completely as it started with a burnt toast that his beloved Mother served him at breakfast.  He asked her in a not so kind tone, “Mom I have always boasted about your culinary skills to all my friends, then tell me dear Mom, why today, this burnt toast that you have served me for breakfast.”  She did not say anything but went about her work.  But since he was getting late to go to work, Stanley picked up the burnt toast and most unwillingly took it along with him. 

Looking at the burnt toast he did not feel like eating it at all and threw it out of his car in a most rude manner.  To his surprise he saw one poor lady coming with a small child, picked up the burnt toast, cleaned it, brushed the dirt stuck on the toast and lovingly fed the child who was in tattered and dirty clothes, playing with her ragdoll.  Seeing this, Stanley was actually ashamed of himself and his bad behavior. 

He immediately parked his car at the side, bought some milk, toast and bread and gave it lovingly to the small child and her mother who willingly accepted giving him a broad smile.  She further said, “Thank you son, you are a God send to us.  We have not eaten anything from two days.” Stanley, had tears in his eyes and also felt so pleased that he could help these poor souls.  He decided there and then to never hurt his loving mother and to be grateful and respect her for whatever food she serves whether it is palatable or not. 

He further said to himself that he would never ever waste food, however rich he was, as this was not a good habit at all. God had been so benevolent to him and he had never gone hungry to bed in his entire life.  There are so many needy people in the World who do not even have a morsel to eat and here he was given everything and was wasting and throwing the food that was not made nicely by his mom.

Henceforth, he decided that he would teach everyone this important aspect of being compassionate towards the needy and he will never forget that little child he saw happily eating a burnt toast.  Water, food, air, clothes are so important and valuable to the poor and why must we who have been given luxuries in life throw away because of a simple toast that got burned. 

Humanity is greater than wealth. Let us learn to be humble and kind to others. Sometimes what looks like an obstacle in your path is actually a gift meant to move you in a different direction.


72 thoughts on “A Burnt Bread……….

  1. i like the ending about overcoming obstacles
    and the study moved beautifully as the lady was able to nourish and then this circle of connecting

    and side note – i heard burnt toast used to help when someone was ill/ the char had absorption properties

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      1. I am publishing the book titled ‘Resignation of an Angel’. It is a poetry collection, mostly based on feminism and women’s point of view. Would love to know your thoughts on it if you would pick it up.


  2. What an invaluable lesson for all of us, and it is personally convicting, too. I will determine here and now to do better… Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, Kamal! Blessings to you!

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    1. Oh that is so nice to hear Jonathan it really feels so nice to be giving not money but something for them to eat. We receive so much pleasure in giving too. Thanks for your kind words 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😊😊😊😊

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  3. I felt deeply touched with reading this post. Something as ordinary as a burnt toast opened the eyes of this young person to the nature of humanity and compassion. There is no accidents for one thing always leads to the other, and if we stay awake and aware our life lessons deepen. What a wonderful reminder your post is!

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    This your last sentence, sums up perfectly how there is such joy in giving. Beautiful example, Kamal, to live in gratitude for all we do have and to share what we can. xo

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    1. Yes Amy to be selfless and be a giver is to receive so much happiness from the people who really are needy. The smiles on their faces makes us joyous. Living in gratitude is the only thing. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback dear.

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  5. The sharp teeth of contrast and the calming waters of perspective.
    I think t his lesson cannot be taught only experienced.
    One of my Aunts preferred her toast to be burned and I often do that when I’m cooking breakfast out at my remote cabin!
    A great lesson for all of us!

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