A Beautiful Brunette………..

Pop art fashion model beautiful brunette Vector Image

A beautiful brunette was she

As slippery as an eel can be

Svelte and graceful, a perfect ten

Short hair with a far-flung flair

She oozed passion and craving

In all her paramours she flirted

Showed off her oomph in short mini skirts

Walked in her high pencil heels

In all her glitters and gold

Strolling the boulevard impishly

With her Louis Viton and Gucci

And a poodle by her side

An envy of the ladies for sure

Who sniggered at her and whispered

β€œLook at her, she is shameful

To all us womanhood”

But she was a darling to the menfolk

Who swooned like little puppies?

At her beck and call

Could not resist her charm

Love was never in her dictionary

Cared less for her lovers

Who were like unwanted toys to play with

A beautiful brunette she sure was……………..

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