Be That One Today……….

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One gifted tree can start a gigantic forest

One sparkling smile can bring a friendship to blossom

One helpful hand can lift a soul out of misery

One constructive word can frame the goal of life

One word of cheeriness can bring so much joy

One candle lit with an intent that can wipe out darkness

One uproarious laughter can conquer gloom

One gentle touch can show you care

One look of compassion can relax the weary traveler

One honest deed can dissolve years of mistrust

One life can make a difference to someone

One loving gesture can work wonder

One happy moment can wipe out all your pains

Be that one noble person today who can bring so much pleasure and cheerfulness to a hungry, confused Soul who is in need of loving-kindness, care and compassion.  Let us put Love in everything that we do.  Serve others with a Grateful Heart and always Believe that a bit of Miracle is waiting for us somewhere behind the radiant Sunlight.


76 thoughts on “Be That One Today……….

    1. True Robbie. Yes all is good with all of us though here again in our country there are parts where COVID is spreading again and our govt is thinking of being very strict with everyone. Nice to know infection rate has dropped and life is a little better. Thanks a lot for your valuable words.

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  1. Love your posts….so insightful and you know the power of love through many different venues….most very simple!! Yesterday I took a second to truly appreciate the time and love I was experiencing with my grandchildren!!

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    1. So true Kirt we were so busy in our young age with nurturing our children that it is only in our grandchildren that we enjoy our memories of our children. Same here I have a grandson and he is such a little mischievous boy but we yet love him and enjoy when he comes to our house. Thankful for your kind words dear Kirt. Love and light to you 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  2. Beautiful poem with powerful message! Every simple gesture is so powerful that it could make a tremendous impact on the lives of people around us. Thanks for sharing such an awakening message.

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