A Profound Life Message: Positives v/s. Negatives…………

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A young woman was sitting at her dining table, worried about taxes to be paid, housework to be done and to top it all, her extended family was coming over for a festival lunch the next day. She was feeling miserable, overburdened and not knowing what to do. At this moment she was not feeling very thankful as she was very nervous and full of anxiety.  As she turned her gaze sideways, she noticed her young daughter scribbling furiously into her notebook.

She asked her, “What are doing in your notebook.” The daughter said, “My teacher asked us to write a paragraph on “Negative Thanksgiving” for homework today. She asked us to write down things that we are thankful for, things that make us feel not so good in the beginning, but turn out to be good after all.”  With curiosity, the mother peeked into the book. This is what her daughter wrote:

“-I’m thankful for the bad-tasting medicine that I have to take compulsorily, because it helps me feel better.

I’m thankful for waking up to the beautiful rays of the sun, because it means I’m still alive and fresh.

Im thankful for doing my homework after school everyday, because it will help me to pass my class.

-I’m thankful for everything that has been given to me by my Creator, because I can then understand the values of life.”

It then dawned on the mother, that she had a lot of things to be thankful and grateful for. She thought again to herself that she had to pay taxes but that meant she was fortunate to be employed.

She had housework to do but that meant she had a shelter to live in.  She had to cook for her many family members for lunch but that meant she had a family with whom she could celebrate and be joyous and happy.

She was thankful for her daughter who opened her eyes and taught her how to appreciate everything in life. Negatives are always there but with determination and courage we can move towards positiveness and be inspired with faith and trust.

The moral here is we generally complain about the negative things in life but we fail to look at the positive side of it.  What is the positive in your negatives? Look at the better part of life today and make your everyday a great one with Love and Kindness.  Life is about being happy and taking everything as it comes with a challenge and persistence. Let Go of things that are not wanted in your life and embrace a beautiful life with great fortitude. Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.

Be Happy and Blessed Always.

74 thoughts on “A Profound Life Message: Positives v/s. Negatives…………

    1. What is the positive in your negatives.. Wow.. So important to read articles like this one because we humans are used to complain more than to appreciate the blessings.. Great story Kamal with great moral as usual.. Thanks for the reminder.. Stay blesssed dear 😊💐

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      1. Yes dear Sohair, we humans at every moment are complainers and grumblers. We have to see our negatives in the positives and move forward with courage and fortitude. Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. Love and light to you dear.

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  1. We magnify the small worries and lose out on the larger picture of life. Starting every day with a small dose of gratitude would go long way in leading a peaceful and content life. Great post as always Kamal.


    1. Yes absolutely true and I completely agree with you. Unnecessary we make big of things instead of letting go and let things rest. Yes being thankful and grateful every single moment will lead us to a peaceful and life of contentment. Thank you for your valuable feedback, Sunith.

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  2. Beautiful story, Kamal. You have the mother who is stressed about what seems burdens, the daughter who writes about gratitude and a wise teacher giving the homework .
    Healing and uplifting.



  3. Just the reminder I needed right now. “Let Go of things that are not wanted in your life and embrace a beautiful life with great fortitude. Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. ” this rings especially true for me now. Sometimes I can get bogged down by decisions… Yet letting go of unwanted things can be so freeing. Thank you 🙏🙏

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    1. I too am in the same boat like you Morag. These positive stories lift us up again and feels nice to know how to let go of the negativity and embrace positivity with fortitude and courage. Thankful for your valuable feedback. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  4. Our young ones never fail to give us a fresh perspective and positive energy if we really pay attention. I agree with you there is always something right and valid in everything that seems to bother us – our point view can change how we experience our life.

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  5. Beautiful story, Kamal, thank you so much for sharing. Probably it has to do with aging, but certainly with Covid, that my gratitude has shifted tremendously, even to the point that I enjoy a hot shower differently or when I can be helpful for another person, I am grateful that a chance was given to me to help out others. “Minds together” from Cornelia

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    1. Yes Cornelia I completely agree with your valuable feedback. Covid has taught us life is so fragile and anything can happen at any time why not see the positives of life and help one another. Thanks a lot. Love and light to you 💖💖💖💖💖


  6. love this idea- Often call these things ‘odd blessings’. Like when folding clothes, prayers for the wearer are added in the chore. Or mayahp when thinking about the carbs being ingested, remembering the blessing of having carbs!

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  7. Kamal I remind myself this everytime I feel low. In fact I woke up today missing dad and then told myself to think of what I had. It does not work everytime but it’s the only way to move forward. Thank you for this reminder.


    1. Yes Smitha these are stories to remind us how to live but in actuality we have to go through ups and downs in life. We have to really pull ourselves with fortitude and courage. Same here we all are facing some problem or the other in life and losing a parent is a feeling of immense sadness but praying to God for his Soul to move forward with peace and happiness is so important for you. Thanks for your kind words dear. Much love and light to you 💓💓💓💓


    1. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your valuable feedback, Michele and same here we are all humans and are bound by negativity and positivity but we have to work with courage and strength to overcome our negativity. You are always welcome dear 💕💕💕


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