An Inspiring Zen Story………

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One day a traveller climbed up on a mountain where he saw a hermit woman meditating with no one around her.  Surprised to see her there all by herself, he asked: “What are you doing here alone in such a solitude place?  You are not scared if something happens to you?”  To which she replied: “I have lots of work.”  He questioned her again: “And how can you have so much work? I do not see anything around you here.  The mountain is completely barren.”

She patiently explained to him: “I have to train two hawks and two eagles, assure two rabbits, discipline one snake, motivate a donkey and tame a lion.  He then said completely surprised, “And where have they gone that I do not see them?” She then said, “I have them all inside here within me.  The two hawks stare on everything that is presented to me good or bad, I have to work on them to see only good things.  They are my eyes.”

“The two eagles with their claws hurt and destroy, I have to train them not to hurt.  They are my hands.  The two rabbits want to go where they want, at the same time they do not want to face difficult situations, I have to teach them to be calm even if there is suffering or stumbling.  They are my feet.

The donkey is always tired, stubborn and does not want to carry the load every time I walk.  That is my body.  The most difficult to take is the snake.  Although it is locked in a strong cage with 32 bars, it is always ready to sting, bite and poison anyone nearby.  I have to discipline it. That’s my tongue.

I also have another one, the lion.  Oh! how proud, vain, he thinks that, he is the King.  I have to tame him too. That’s my Ego.  So, you see dear, I have lots of work to do on myself.

The traveller was amazed at her reply.  He had never come across such a Zen Master in his life.  He bowed down at her feet and left with profound and insightful knowledge that the outside world is not to be conquered but it is the inside world of ours that has to be thoroughly worked upon in order to understand who we REALLY ARE. We have to take responsibility of our life and respond to every situation in a positive and confident manner if we want to live a limitless life of bliss and joy.

94 thoughts on “An Inspiring Zen Story………

  1. I liked the metaphors here in this story..they are all real and carry a great wisdom within them..we have to control our inside world to have the ability to live in the right way..
    Great story Kamal dear..keep giving ✌🌸🌝💞

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  2. Wow! A powerful story, Kamal and one to inspire us and give us courage each and every day! If we could reach even a bit of all these actions we would be well on the way to a happier and fulfilled life!

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    1. Yes Deepika, I completely agree with your valuable feedback. A beautiful comparison with the animals that tell us what we need to do to clean our inner self and not look outside for anything. You are always welcome dear.


    1. You are always welcome Lori and yes I completely agree with your profound feedback. The analogies were so profound that we have to clean our inner self in order to know who we really are, there is nothing outside of us. Let us all take few teachings of insight from this Zen story.

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    1. Yes, yes I completely agree with your valuable feedback Kate and what a profound and impactful story this was had never heard in my life. I said must share it with my friends on wordpress. With self discipline we can rid all these so called negativity and lead a life of love and inner peace. 😊😊😊😊🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    1. I am so happy to hear your wonderful words Cornelia and I agree totally with you. This story was amazing I too had never heard about these analogies. Let’s all learn to understand our inner self and know who we really are. Thanks a lot. Love and light to you 💗💗💗💗💗

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  3. Honestly Kamal you are the best at these stories. Really you are the best. Such profound stories. Loved it sooo much. Read it twice. You are so talented.

    And it was these kind of stories my dad would say to as child at night putting me to sleep. I can’t ask him, if he also created them.

    I was wondering what about the two mischievous ears that hear with no filter. Not sure what analogy could be used.

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    1. Thank u so much dear Bella for your valuable feedback and I found this story so impactful that I too read it thrice before I thought of posting it for all our bloggers. Awesome story and so nice of your dad to tell you such beautiful stories. It is so nice to imbibe such values from a young age. Hahaha true Bella and our two naughty ears that need not be hearing bad things but filter through them. Take care and stay safe 💕💕💕💕💕

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    1. Oh wow never knew you were doing research on these beautiful and profound stories, Deeksha. I too love Zen stories so much and they are so motivating for us. I got this story from one of my what’s app friend and I too had never read a story like this. Thank you so much for your valuable words.

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