Capturing Beauty with Grace………

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Saturate in Elegance my Love

Capturing beauty with Grace

Quickly filling the emptiness

Where Beauty and joy abounds

In all her enchanting loveliness

I that am dancing joyously on pretty toes

Serenading to mystical pleasures

In this gorgeous panoramic spell

Deep in my magical thoughts

Lest I awake my petite friends

From their deep slumber.

Sitting ever softly besides the lake

With its shimmering golden glow

Light breeze swaying the tree tops

Hearing humming of the bees

The fluttering of the butterflies

Flying through the vibrant colours

The fragrance hidden beneath the roses.

My Beloved is sitting beside me

With his loving arms around me

Touching every core of my being

I gaze and see his tender care

Capturing this moment of beauty

In all her splendor and grace………….

57 thoughts on “Capturing Beauty with Grace………

  1. Wow.. So romantic indeed.. Life with the people we love is like a heaven Full of fantastic views and fabulous things. The images inside the poem are as beautiful as the beauty of the image you chose here.. Keep writing Kamal dear friend.. 👍👍👍😊💐🌹🙏

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    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words dear Deeksha. That is the essence of capturing beauty with love and grace and our beloved is always with us. Happy New Year to you and to your family. Let us pray that the year 2021 goes better and joyous.

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