The E-Life……….

The Origins of Happiness: the Science of Well-Being over the Life Course |  Everywoman

In this world of Emails, E-tickets, E-paper, E-recharge, E-transfer and the latest E-Governance, E-commerce let us never forget our E-Ishwar (God):

Who makes e-verything e-asy for e-veryone, e-veryday.

“E” is the most Eminent letter of the English Alphabet.

Men or Women do not exist without “E”.

House or Home cannot be made without “E”.

Bread or Butter cannot be found without “E”.

“E” is the beginning of “existence” and the end of “trouble”.

It’s not at all in ‘war’ but twice in ‘peace’.

It’s once in ‘hell’ but twice in ‘heaven’.

“E” is also represented in “Emotions”.  Hence, all emotional relations like Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Wife and Friends have “E” in them.

“E” also represents “Effort” and ‘Energy’.  Hence to be ‘better’ from good both ‘e” ‘s’ are added.

Without ‘e’, we would have no love, life, wife, friends or hope and ‘see’, ‘hear’, smell’, or ‘taste’ as ‘eye’, ‘ear’, ‘nose’ and ‘tongue’ are incomplete without ‘e’.

Finally, no “Life & Death’ is complete without “E”.

Hence let us all go with “E” but without “E-GO and enjoy Life and not Edge God Out but Edge God In.

102 thoughts on “The E-Life……….

    1. Yes Robbie God is everything and we should seek Him at all times in Prayer and Repentance of ones sins. This E-God is our ticket to E- Heaven. !


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