I Want to Sing with the Birds……….

I want to sing with the birds

Wake at dawn with a winged heart

Giving thanks for another day

Can touch the sky with the birds

As they soar to freer skies

I want to sing with the birds

Script my imaginative dreams

Waltzing in lush green meadows

Surrounded by brilliant rays of colors

Being silent and listening to their singing

I want to sing with the birds

Open my hands wide and free

To be held by the freshness of the wind

Joyfully hug the lush green leaves

Running wild with the little puppies

I want to sing with the birds

Appreciate every beautiful moment

Whistling along with the lovely birds

Remembering my radiant true nature

And enjoying who I really AM…………..

108 thoughts on “I Want to Sing with the Birds……….

  1. I would love to sing with the birds, but I might scare them away with my uneducated voice, I’ll leave it up to them because they are the masters. And so are you Kamal, the mastress ( new creation of word, which should be in the dictonary) of transforming your thoughts into beautiful words.

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  2. Kamal, my soul is soaring with your beautiful words … may we all sing indeed, in peace and harmony. Oddly enough the past month all the wonderful small birds in our garden disappeared … and talking to neighbours and family they have experienced the same. Very strange and unnerving … and quiet … no bird song!


    1. Yes Annika it is really strange. We humans are destroying our own planet so that how will the poor birds and trees survive. I too miss them so much though we do have crows, pigeons and sparrows and at times few parrots in our area. Feels nice listening to their sweet chirpings. Thank you so much dear Annika for your lovely words. Take care and stay safe.

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