Walking in Nature’s and its Beauty…

Me and My Soul

Hand in hand, a wonderful feeling

Over enthusiastic as ever

Happy and joyous

Best friends forever

We’re walking in nature’s beauty

Singing along with the cherry trees

Listening to sweet magical melodies

Dancing a merry jig, a twirl, a skip

From gladdened warm hearts

Letting the forests speak

Healing words of rhapsodies

Laughter echoing in the wilderness

Delighted beyond words are We!

Our feet sashaying on the ashen leaves

And cheerfully following us

Are the squirrels, the monkeys

Jumping from branches green

Beautifully singing are the birds

Oh! What a joy to be here

Where Me and My Soul

Are filled in raptures of ecstasy……………

64 thoughts on “Walking in Nature’s and its Beauty…

    1. Hahaha yes sans the monkeys and squirrels they are not being seen in our modern world. Yes so nice to be where nature surrounds us, Smitha. Happy weather and happy morning walks, thanks so much. Happy Deepawali to you and your family.


      1. Thank you for your warm wishes Kamal🙏❤. Happy Diwali to you and your family too.
        Btw, we have loads of squirrels in Powai🙂. You’re welcome here anytime.


      2. Would love that Kamal and I’m sure you’ll love the walk here. Its like your poem…full of birds and squirrels, butterflies, trees and flowers


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